This is an in-progress timeline of events as they happen in ANL. While not including retcons, it does include dates and times with paraphrased corresponding events, dreams, trips to the Moment and the Other Moment. It relies on in-story time stamps to match up events, speculates passage of time with corresponding events, and failing that, uses best guesses.

A good place to start is July 17, 2013, 02:00:00. Dates are bolded, and in military, or 24-hour clock, time format. The timeline will guide you with (Go to month, day, year, time), and provide a special, lettered section so you can follow some events that overlap each other without too much confusion.

(As a side note: since the Moment and the Other Moment are, technically, outside of time, they appear at the end of this list.)

July 17, 1911, dawn - Bina and Piotyr search the office.  This is Astre Sucre (Star Sugar) sugar factory.  Bina finds a tangerine and eats it.

                    - Josephine bursts in.  Grabs a medkit for Bina while complaining about being delayed with her experiment.

                    - "Don't touch THAT box at all, it's dangerous" (contains Botfly tile?)

                    - Josephine doesn't know about the couch people, but her experiment is out there, along with fifty people waiting for her.

                    - Her experiment is just going to turn on a lightbulb, with a lime-green filter for effect.

                    - Bina shakes Josephine's hand (green spark!).  A wind starts to pick up in the office, only affecting Bina and Piotyr.

                    - Jo reveals her device makes extra electrons; the whole point of the experiment is about subatomic particles when observed.

                    - Bina realizes she is changing events right now, making Jo late for her experiment.

                    - The wind is overbearing.  Bina manages to warn Jo about green lights, then jumps out of the past (Go to (<OM2)).

1998, spring (from age 6 dream) - Bina, age 5, gets an ear infection.  Hospital stay because of allergies to regular medicine.

                                - Bina mentioned her head felt like it was going to explode because of the infection.    

1999 (dream) - Bina, age 6, visits Grandma in Hyderabad, Telangana, India.  Piotyr is here too, with a green snake in her mouth.

             - We learn young Bina has not been sleeping very well, and is afraid of the dark and monsters.  Bina shows Grandma her monster picture.

             - Young Bina thinks the monster is a lot of different things in the same place at the same time.

             - Grandma is worried Bina is in trouble, and she knows the snake bit her hard.  She gives Bina her scarf (Go to (<OM1),(wake)).

2001 (from age 11 dream) - Bina visited Grandma again in Hyderabad.

2004 (from age 15 dream) - Bina meets Laashya in school (grade 6).

2004, October (dream) - Bina, age 11.  Bina's family gets a call from Uncle Moti about Grandma.  They all travel to Hyderabad.

                      - Bina runs away (takes a walk!) and gets lost.  Mentions again that her head feels like a balloon.  

                      - We find out her Grandma died, but not why.

                      - Memory changes.  Instead of exchanging currency and getting a cab back to family, she sees 24h laundromat.

                      - B12 meets young Bina outside laundromat.

                      - B12 says each loop damages space-time more, the hound gets bigger, and the Botfly is more developed.

                      - B12 says the door message must be unique to Bina's loop.  Bina enters the Laundromat (Go to July 17, 2013, 06:00, (wake)).

2006 (from age 15 dream) - Bina meets Sameeksha at Summer Camp.

                         - Ghost story reference to the factory.  The owner burned over thirty people in an industrial oven.

                         - Bina notes, seeing the factory, that it seems wrong and out of place, incomplete and unfinished, like waiting for something.

                         - "I am twenty-one years old, and I am speaking to a dead woman", referencing B4 talking to Josephine in the factory. Or possibly also referencing her next dream, in which she does talk to Josephine's ghost.

                         - Straight path leading from beach to factory.  BinAlt and Josephine, or Not-dog made it?

                         - Searching factory, going upstairs, Bina finds a loose stair, third from the top (relevant?).

                         - Cops were at the factory.  Noise complaint filed before Bina and Sam got there.  Disturbance was B4 and Jo time travel?

                         - Bina hears B4 and Josephine arguing (Note: this could be B3 just saying she is B4).  We learn:

                                - B4 generated massive entropy moving themselves and the factory to this time and location.

                                - B4 states she had to bring the whole factory, because she couldn't filter Jo's pattern out of the building (contamination?).

                                - B4 "foward shifted" temporal shadows out of this iteration.  Might be the cause behind repeating buildings under Laundromat.

                                - Jo says that she warned B4 of messing with her own timeline, but the note she sent for B3 was found by B13.

                                - Jo says this mess is all B4's fault.

                                - Jo sees cracks (or schisms/weak points) in time as broken and frayed waveforms, like piano wires.

                                - B4 saw them as broken panes of glass at first (not sure what she sees them as now).

                         - Memory changes.  Officer Brosseau does not find Bina and Sam: Not-dog does.

                         - The Hound catches Bina.  Bina "breaks", and from the wreckage she makes a door to laashya's room.  (The Hound travels to (c), 2008).

2008 (from Age 6 dream) - Bina's Grandma dies from a stroke in a grocery store.

2008 (dream) - Bina, age 15.  Bina at Laashya's 16th birthday with Sameeksha.

             - We find out the Botfly is in all of Bina's places, even in her dreams.

             - We learn about Bina's lockpicking skills.  Sam says Bina has "Mouse Hands".  Sam mentions Bina's "criminal past" (breaking and entering).  (Go to 2006).

             - (c) The Hound bursts through Laashya's door.  Bina grabs Piotyr and jumps through a window to (d).  (Go to 2009).

2009 (from age 15 dream) - (d) Bina and laashya's first kiss.  The Hound has followed Bina here because, Laashya says, it "has her scent".

                         - Bina and Lash travel to (July 17, 2013, 02:25:00,(e)).

2012 (dream) - Bina, age 19.  Bina is on a plane about to take off, heading for Montreal.  She's having anxiety about being away from Lash.

             - We learn Bina has pretty much broken up with her (many times), because Lash wants things Bina can't give her, and Bina feels horrible.

             - Bina has been trying to keep her anxiety in-check, but has a panic attack and runs to the bathroom.

             - Memory change.  Instead of the flight attendant helping Bina back to her seat, and having to later explain what happened, there is nothing.

             - No one is on the plane, and Piotyr is inexplicably there.  No pilots through the curtains.  Scene change to Josephine's house in the sky.

             - We learn Jo has met 3 versions of Bina, B3 being the first, B13 the last, and (inferring from the dream of camp) B4.

             - Jo figures herself to be about 25 years old here, acknowledges she's dead, and is wearing Bina's scarf.

             - Waveform pattern on a wall Jo has been throwing a ball at.

             - We learn Jo used a conductive tile with a funny inscription for her experiment.  No one could agree what the pattern looked like.

             - Anything with the image from the tile on it (as long as it was conductive and embossed) would generate electricity just from being viewed through the slits.

             - We learn that the result of Jo's experiment was the catastrophe erased everyone there from existance.  Jo hands Bina her scarf.

             - The sky has become a giant maggot, about to eat the house in the sky.  Bina and Piotyr jump.  (Go to July 17, 2013, 10:30:00)

July 14, 2013 (dream) - (f) Piotyr, age 2.  Bina is here.  Piotyr's sense of smell indicated by swirling colors.  Green is "bad smell", coming from Bina.

                      - (f1) Gregor opens back door, Piotyr runs outside and past graffiti of cats outside of open box, one laying down (not dead), and one sitting.

                      - (f2) Piotyr falls down the slope into the construction pit, and digs.

                      - (f3) Duality noticed by Piotyr, Bina always here, and not always here.

                      - (f4) Piotyr knows "the bad thing" happens here (hit by truck).  

                      - (f5) She tells Bina she is not allowed to "go back" and fix it.  THAT is not how you play THE GAME.

                      - (f6) Piotyr uncovers a skeleton, the source of the "bad smell".

                      - (f7) Loader crushes skeleton, Piotyr is hit by time shard?  Splits into two, and in the confusion, back legs are crushed by loader wheel.

                      - (f8) Gregor punches "Benoit", the driver, and breaks his nose.  Gregor is crazed with sadness and grief.  (Go to July 17, 2013, 06:30 (wake))

July 14, 2013, morning? - Piotyr hit by loader.

July 16, 2013, 09:37:36 - The Moment created/maintained.

July 16, 2013, mid-afternoon - (a-past) Bina arrives at past construction site, Ms. Hyung arguing with someone from the Municipal Government about the hole.

                             - (a1) Mrs. Hyung is shouting about buildings under the construction site - no records of it ever having existed.

                             - (a2) Bina realizes the man standing outside is the corpse from the office in her present.

                             - (a3) Past Bina probably being asked by boss to work another shift right now.

                             - (a4) Bina decides to warn him with a message carved in the painting (SHOVEL).  She sees writing behind the painting.

                             - (a5) Bina finds BinAlts messages behind painting.  Acquire green envelope.  Seizure meds in pink envelope (syringe).

                             - (a6) Bina injects seizure meds.  Travel back to (July 17, 2013, 03:20:00 (a7-PTP)).

July 17, 2013, 01:30:00 - Gregor kills man at construction site office with shovel.

July 17, 2013, 02:00:00 - Arrival at the Laundromat.  A figure is in the window, watching Bina.

                        - (b-past) Bina arrives at past Laundromat, sees herself outside.

July 17, 2013, 02:05:00 - (b1) Kendra hits Bina with phone, Bina loses tooth.

                        - (b2) Kendra drags Bina into office, removes time shard from TV.  TV turns off.

                        - Bina enters the Laundromat, turns on the lights.

July 17, 2013, 02:10:00 - Bina/Gregor meeting/exchange.  Gregor leaves.  TV is on.

July 17, 2013, 02:15:00 - Bina turns off the TV.  Finds tooth.

                        - (b3) Bina and Kendra hear thumping noises outside of the office from the not-dog washing machine.

July 17, 2013, 02:20:00 - Not-dog emerges from washing machine, and transports Bina to the Other Moment (Go to (<OM)). 

July 17, 2013, 02:25:00 - (g-past) Bina and Kendra arrive at the Laundromat.

                        - (g1) Bina realizes, too late, her past self is using the scarf to climb back to "reality".  They see each other.  Brain's ok.

                        - (g2) Past-Bina thinks this is a dream.  Past-Bina gets nosebleed, passes out.  The Hound has appeared.

                        - (g3) Bina gets the Hound to charge at her, towards the void.  It smashes through time, hurling Bina and itself into the void.

                        - (b4) Not-dog from outside of office.  Kendra and Bina grab items, backpack from B12, and nail.  Time travel back to (July 17, 2013, 06:20:00 (b5-PTP)).

                        - (g4) Bina imagines a new landscape for the void, and it appears.  Bina lands on a floating platform, the Hound smashing into it as well.

                        - (g5) Note: the Hound is usually silent, but is able to growl here.

                        - (g6) Kendra lands on the now spinning platform, and smacks the Hound with the hammer.

                        - (g7) The Hound falls into a water portal (we know this leads to 03:00 "Dead" Not-dog).

                        - (g8) Bina discovers her pool leads to 04:05 in the alleyway, with past-Bina running past the graffiti.

                        - (g9) Bina and Kendra jump into another pool, traveling to (July 17, 2013, 06:20:00 (h-past)).

    (from age 15 dream) - (e) Bina, Lash, and Piotyr are in the Laundromat.  Bina looks into the hole left by dirty washing machine.

                        - (e1) Deep inside, the hole twitches as if it were alive, more organic looking the deeper it goes.

                        - (e2) Coin change machine now says MEAT instead of CHANGE, and the donation jar is full of teeth.

                        - (e3) Lash suggests letting the Not-dog catch Piotyr, maybe merging them to fix shenanigans.  Bina can't do it.

                        - (e4) Piotyr is drinking static that is oozing from the TV.  Bina makes her spit it out.

                        - (e5) Bina jumps into the Hound's mouth, and is transported to Piotyr's dream (July 14, 2013 (dream) (f)).

***===This is a speculative section.  Due to some question with conflicting timestamps, Kendra will be assumed to be abducted at 02:45===***

***===ANL post 570 says Kendra was abducted at 03:45, but this conflicts with flow of events, therefore these events are arranged to flow until addressed otherwise===***

July 17, 2013, 02:45:00 - Kendra on patrol, Gregor mistakes her for a cop, hits her with shovel, and abducts her.

                        - Possibility of "Josh" and "Kate" checking in with Elizabeth for the last time.

July 17, 2013, 02:55:00 (wake) - Bina wakes up, back from the Other Moment.  The washing machine, not-Dog, and the swiffer are gone.  She turns to leave.

                               - Gregor comes through the door.  He has just come back from the construction site after dropping off the washing machine.

                               - He has searched the area for anyone else snooping around.  Gregor locks the door.

                               - Bina decides to finish her laundry.  Kendra is tied to the desk in the office, making lots of noise.

                               - Gregor thinks Bina is helping him.  He heads into the office to check on Kendra.  Bina sneaks past the office to the emergency exit.

July 17, 2013, 03:00:00 - Bina escapes/alarm goes off.  Run past graffiti of two cats sniffing outside of open box.  "Dead" Not-dog.

                        - Bina feels a moment of time travel touching the loader (shifts to daylight momentarily).  Her wounds are glowing under her bandages.

July 17, 2013, 03:05:00 - Bina makes her way around the construction site, grabbing a gas-mask.  Thunderstorm begins.

                        - She reaches the office (it is glowing with paradox).

July 17, 2013, 03:15:00 - Body at construction site office (glowing with paradox).  Time travel to (July 16, 2013, mid-afternoon (a-past)).

July 17, 2013, 03:20:00 - (a7-PTP) Back from construction site.  Seizure.  Gregor takes Bina.

***\/ \/ \/Assumed events during the span of when Gregor takes Bina, to when she wakes in the Laundromat basement, according to text and dialogue.\/ \/ \/***

   July 17, 2013, 03:30:00 - Gregor returns to the Laundromat, entering the office with Bina slumped over his shoulder.

                           - Gregor likely gave Kendra another "bop" so he could easily transport her and Bina to the basement and handcuff them to the pipes.

   July 17, 2013, 04:00:00 - "Josh" and "Kate" sandbagging/digging in the pit.  Possibility of Gregor killing/abducting them at this time.

                           - Elizabeth leaves message for Josh and Kate; they haven't checked in for over an hour.  Elizabeth leaving for a drink and doughnuts.

   July 17, 2013, 05:00:00 - Kendra wakes(?) and finds herself handcuffed to Bina in the Laundromat basement.

                           - Kendra sees Gregor go down the "ladder-hole" with big, rolled up sheets of plastic (serial murderer plastic).

***/\ /\ /\End of assumed events.  Events now flowing according to story./\ /\ /\***

July 17, 2013, 05:40:00 - Bina wakes up handcuffed to Kendra in basement of Laundromat.

July 17, 2013, 05:53:00 - Open green envelope, acquire watch, paper clip, and note.

July 17, 2013, 05:55:00 - Read note.  Laundromat ceiling collapses at 05:57.  Bina uses paperclip to pick the handcuff lock.

                        - Not-dog approaches.

July 17, 2013, 05:57:00 - Bina and Kendra jump down the hole as ceiling collapses.

July 17, 2013, 06:00:00 - (Bina's dream, age 11.  Go to 2004, October (dream)).

                 (wake) - Bina wakes up to Kendra calling her.  It's dark, and Bina is under fallen debris and in the mud.

                        - Using unlight as a flashlight, Kendra is momentarily stupefied by it, and it makes Bina a bit nauseous.

                        - Bina gets out of debris and finds Kendra.

July 17, 2013, 06:20:00 - Bina and Kendra find the TV in the tunnel.  Kendra kicks it over and disappears.

                        - Bina acquires brick, sees herself in the TV with help of spooky arm.  TV turns off, coinciding with past Bina.

                        - Bina smashes time with a brick, and follows Kendra.  Acquire shard of time.  Time travel to (July 17, 2013, 02:00:00 (b-past)).

                        - (h-past) Bina and Kendra are back in the tunnel with the TV from the void water pool.

                        - (h1) Bina and Kendra hide before their previous selves get back from "b" travel.

                        - (b5-PTP) Bina and Kendra time travel back to the tunnel with the TV, from the past-Laundromat.

July 17, 2013, 06:25:00 - Bina drags a barely conscious Kendra through the mud, and onto the concrete island.

                        - Bina and Kendra rest.  Hypothermia possibly setting in.

                        - Open backpack, find space blanket, and hot pads.

                        - Bina and Kendra are thawing.

                        - Bina and Kendra sleep.  "Piotyr!  Piotyr!  No!".  (Bina dream, age 15.  Go to 2008 (dream)).

                        - (h2) Bina and Kendra start making their way to the factory to get the Moment.

July 17, 2013, 06:30:00 (wake) - Bina and Kendra wake up.  Loot hot chocolate and granola bars from bag.

                               - Note from B12 in thermos lid:

                                     - Get the Moment, reference to the truck containing B12 journal, reference to B3 lying.

                                     - Unlight damages time.

                                     - Time cracks are cold.  The bigger, the colder.

                                     - Interaction of time shrapnel and unlight can be manipulated with electicity and observation.

                                     - Important stuff (seizure meds, viewers, food) in plastic bin outside the Moment's Laundromat.

                                     - The Botfly is waking up.

                               - Bina gets Kendra up-to-speed with time stuff, Not-Dog, factory, Gregor.  Kendra mentions having a strange dream.

                               - Kendra learns B12's Kendra died in the Laundromat collapse.

                               - (h3) Bina and Kendra are still walking.  Bina reveals she wants to save Elizabeth, but big changes are bad for the timeline.

                               - (h4) Kendra promises Bina she will help save Elizabeth and the "science guys".

July 17, 2013, 06:35:00 - Sploosh! back in the mud.  Out and under the space blanket again.

July 17, 2013, 06:40:00 - Searching for time shard, Bina uses unlight and sees the whole place light up with cracks in time.

                        - Kendra realizes this is causing the extreme cold, rain, and mud in this area.

                        - Bina time travels briefly to 102 years ago in the factory, startling two workers, then pops back to present in a few seconds.

                        - Kendra sees the construction site hole in the ceiling, with flood lights.

July 17, 2013, 06:45:00 - Bina and Kendra find a blue flag marked "5-72".

                        - Bina and Kendra arrive at the underground camp.

                        - Bina and Kendra find the cable for the crane controls has been cut with a suspicious shovel mark.

                        - Bina reads note from "Dr. K", telling employees not to leave bubblegum stuck to the crane control buttons.

July 17, 2013, 06:50:00 - Bina and Kendra find a phone.  Recorded message summary:

                                                             - Josh and Kate were working here, sandbagging and shoveling dirt at or before 03:00.

                                                             - Elizabeth has not heard from them for an hour.  Time of message 04:00.

                                                             - Elizabeth wants to go home, they have to be back in 5 hours (09:00).

                                                             - Elizabeth is leaving for a drink and doughnuts.

                        - Bina and Kendra find the truck.

                        - Bina and Kendra find map in an open-air tent and study it.

                        - Difference between B13 and B12 timeline noted (mud, not dust).  Sounds like HAZMAT, Kendra notes, not normal precautions down here.

                        - Kendra starts to shower.  Bina enters tent, finds blood on the floor, signs of struggle, and tagged bodybags (occupied).

July 17, 2013, 06:54:00 - Gregor, guided by the Green Lady, shovels two cops investigating the collapsed Laundromat.

July 17, 2013, 06:55:00 - (i-past) Bina arrives at the garage, and starts making her way towards a walkway near the camp to set up the first time machine for Elizabeth.

July 17, 2013, 07:00:00 - Bina finds flashlights, notes unlight shines when holding with her spooky hand.

                        - Kendra finishes shower.

                        - Scrubs from dispenser.  Oops, naked Kendra!

July 17, 2013, 07:10:00 - Kendra examines the blood on the floor.  Still tacky.

                        - Kendra finds portable x-ray gun, and "Yorrick".  Reads some notes from a researcher.

                        - Bina starts to shower.  Cold!

                        - Kendra reads through files (Codeword Clearance: Celedon Jungle).  Bodies have multiple limbs and heads, some fused.

                        - Kendra speculates bodies recovered were removed before the rain started.  Rain turned all the dust to mud.

                        - (h5) Bina and Kendra are still walking.  Bina is filling Kendra in on what she saw in her dream (age 19, Jo's sky house).

                        - (h6) Kendra figures they are about an hour ahead of themselves.  The watch is broken, stuck on 10:23 (broken at the garage, while Bina slept).

July 17, 2013, 07:15:00 - Phone rings.

                        - Bina and Kendra speaking with Elizabeth.  Elizabeth says it's "like" 07:00.

July 17, 2013, 07:30:00 - Bina removes Kendra's handcuffs.  HAZMAT suits on.

                        - Kendra speaks with Elizabeth; she is sending the gondola down.

                        - Bina acquires B12's journal, pumpkin seeds, and water bottles from truck glovebox.

                        - All phone lines are down.

July 17, 2013, 07:40:00 - Bina and Kendra get into the gondola.

                        - (h7) Bina stops to rest on a barrel.  They spot a copy of the garage.  Bina thinks this is B3's fault.  A figure flashes in the background.

July 17, 2013, 07:47:00 - (i1) Bina is running late; she only has 8 minutes to get into position and set up the time machine for Elizabeth.

July 17, 2013, 07:48:00 - (i2) Bina is climbing stairs (4 stories worth) to reach a suitable vantage point.

July 17, 2013, 07:50:00 - (h8) Bina and Kendra enter the factory.  Kendra notes that the crane is moving in the distance.

                        - (h9) Bina finds Josh and Kate's HAZMAT suits.  The Hound shows up right outside the building.

                        - (h10) Bina finds the Moment, and activates it in a flash of unlight, leaving the Hound behind.  Travel to the Moment (<1).

                        - Bina spies the factory on their way up in the gondola.  There is a flash of unlight.

July 17, 2013, 07:52:00 - (i3) Bina has reached the top of the stairs.

July 17, 2013, 07:53:00 - (i4) Bina reaches the vantage point, and starts assembling the time machine.

July 17, 2013, 07:55:00 - They reach the top.  Gregor is behind Elizabeth.  Gregor closes watch, shovel to Elizabeth's head, and she falls into the pit.

                        - (i5) Bina finishes assembling just as Elizabeth falls.  She activates the machine, and grabs Elizabeth.  Phase 1 complete.

                        - In Gregor's dialogue, he reveals knowledge of events to come, and has changed them to make things easier.

                        - Mention of the "Green Lady" telling Gregor what is going to happen, like when he "shoveled" cops at 06:54.  "Many times it is like this".

                        - Green Lady has no interest in Kendra, but wants Bina (says she is her most special friend).

                        - Bina shines unlight at Gregor (does not affect him, but shorts the gondola controls he has).

                        - Kendra pushes the "down" button on the gondola (squish! - from gum).

                        - (j-past) Exit point of time travel from Bina and Amie's apartment.  This resolves Elizabeth's jump from (i5).

                        - (j1) Kendra has to "sit on" Amie to prevent her waking herself in the past (would cause paradox).

July 17, 2013, 08:00:00 - (j2) Kendra calls for a cab, and gets everyone out of the apartment.

July 17, 2013, 08:01:00 - Bina stops kicking the gondola.

                        - Gregor cut the power to the diesel engine.  The gondola stops 10 meters from the bottom of the pit.

                        - Bina pukes.

                        - (i6) Bina has finished packing away the time machine, and is searching for a place to hide it where it can't be seen.

                        - (i7) Bina cracks a glowstick to help her see.  She is stashing the time machine on top of an old water pump.

                        - Bina and Kendra decide to swing the gondola and jump from it, to reach scaffolding.

                        - Kendra asks Bina to remind her about the x-ray "thingy".

                        - Start to swing.

                        - Kendra, then Bina (after 2 swings), jumps.

                        - At the same time Bina jumps, Gregor finishes talking to the Green Lady.  Unlight explodes from Bina's arm.

                        - (i8) Bina grabs the glowstick just as Gregor calls the Naughts.  Unlight explodes from Bina's arm, and cracks a hole in time.

                        - "I will call them right away."; Gregor is using his watch to call the Naughts.

July 17, 2013, 08:05:00 - It is "some time" later (best guess).  Bina and Kendra have split up to lose the Naughts.

                        - Kendra spies an orange flag.

                        - Kendra is making her way to the camp for maps, and she really wants that x-ray.

                        - She's got a few minutes, so into the port-a-potty she goes.

                        - "Horatio" has followed Kendra, and is right outside the port-a-potty.

                        - Kendra shoulder-blocks the potty door and escapes Horatio.  She runs and grabs a length of pipe, turning to face it.

                        - Kendra hits Horatio with the pipe.  Horatio unfolds and grows, still after her.  Kendra heads for the tent.

                        - Bina is also "not stuck" in a drain pipe.  A Naught has wedged itself in the pipe futher back, and the drain is filling.

                        - (i9) Bina struggles out from the edge of the void, and signals Kendra (slowly, due to time-dialation effect).

July 17, 2013, 08:06:00 - (i10) Bina is pulled back to the Primary Temporal Position (July 17,2013, 14:20:00, (i-PTP)).

July 17, 2013, 08:10:00 - Bina is stuck in a pipe.  "SHUT UP!"

                        - Bina frees her arm and starts wiggling up the pipe.

                        - Kendra acquires maps from the tent, and has a nasty scuffle with Horatio (alas... poor Yorrick...).

                        - Bina gets out of the pipe, and rests momentarily.

                        - Door option is too dark, so Bina climbs a pile of debris to escape the building she's in.

                        - Rearrange debris to make the climb easier, over the wall, and stuck the landing.

                        - Pocket flashlight, acquire stick.

                        - Bina realizes she's much farther out than she intended; lost track of her position being chased by the Naughts earlier.

                        - Kendra makes it back to the garage, and onto the roof.

                        - Bina makes it back to the meeting place.  ("X" marks the garage)

                        - Bina climbs to the roof and finds Kendra.  Kendra shushes her and drags her down to hide.

                        - Gregor is approaching/passing the garage, carrying a body and talking to himself.

                        - (We can infer that the Green Lady promised that if he does what she says, all of the bad things will have never happened).

                        - This is the first time Bina realizes the Botfly may be looping her timeline because Bina is winning.

                        - (j3) Elizabeth would not get in the cab, so they leave her behind.  Off they go, taking Bina to the hospital.

July 17, 2013, 08:15:00 - Bina and Kendra recount what happened while they were separated.  Gregor seems to be long gone.

                        - Bina reads B12 journal while Kendra searches below for anything useful.

                        - We learn B3 is suspected of killing B5, because B5 found out "something she wasn't supposed to".

                        - B3 is suspected of killing Piotyr on the 14th.

                        - B3 is suspected of destroying/limiting existing tech she developed so the other BinAlts couldn't use them to their fullest.

                        - Kendra realizes they can't go get the Moment now, but they can get it "then" (she grabs the time shard from the pack).

                        - Pink watch says it's 08:15.

July 17, 2013, 08:20:00 - Bina and Kendra have been studying B12's journal, trying to see if they can build a time machine.

                        - Kendra believes she can construct something along the lines of a simple radio, but they'll need some supplies.

                        - Horatio is coming to the garage.

                        - Kendra is loading up the backpack.  Bina climbs down the ladder and lures Horatio away.

July 17, 2013, 08:25:00 - Bina is trying to catch her breath - adrenaline has worn off.

                        - Bina climbs up a fire escape, in hopes the Horatio will have some trouble and give her some distance.

                        - Bina smashes a window, and climbs into the building from the fire escape.  Horatio is climbing the stairs.

                        - Horatio is chasing Bina, throwing debris out of the way.  Bina runs down the stairs, and back into the mud.

July 17, 2013, 08:30:00 - In trying to give Horatio the slip, Bina has trapped herself beneath a metal door, under the mud.

                        - Bina manages to wedge a cobblestone under the door, briefly freeing her.

                        - Horatio grabs her hair, pulling her back, but she knocks the stone out of the way.  Door comes down, trapping Horatio.

                        - Bina starts heading back to the garage.

                        - (j4) They've arrived at the hospital.  Bina has had the absesses in her knees drained, and put on real antibiotics.

July 17, 2013, 08:50:00 - Kendra has finished the time machine.  Kendra notes that Bina is late - has been for 5 minutes.

                        - Pink watch says it's 08:50.

July 17, 2013, 09:00:00 - Kendra checks the approaches (for the fourth time).  No sign of Bina.

July 17, 2013, 09:02:00 - Kendra, worrying, checks watch again.  It is 09:02.

July 17, 2013, 09:03:00 - Kendra recounts her abduction by Gregor.  Watch says it's 09:03.  She checks the approaches again.

July 17, 2013, 09:08:00 - Kendra wonders about Elizabeth, the scientists, the Naughts, Gregor... It's 09:08.  She checks the approaches again.

July 17, 2013, 09:15:00 - Kendra thinks about similarities between Bina and her niece, Elsie.

                        - Kendra decides she'll go looking for Bina in five minutes.

July 17, 2013, 09:20:00 - Just as she's about to leave, Kendra spies a figure in a yellow suit collapse some distance away, unresponsive.

July 17, 2013, 09:25:00 - Kendra runs (in waist deep mud) toward the figure.  It is Bina - tired, in rough shape, but alive.

July 17, 2013, 09:30:00 - Kendra is carrying Bina back to the garage.  Bina has broken ribs, and has been nodding off here and there for five minutes.

July 17, 2013, 09:35:00 - Kendra puts Bina in the back of a truck, on blankets, and checks her ribs.

                        - Bina tells Kendra the Botfly is sleeping, and has messed things up this bad so far.  What happens when it wakes up?

July 17, 2013, 09:40:00 - Kendra determines that 2 or 3 ribs are sprained or broken on Bina's left side.  The door had cut and bruised her badly.

                        - Kendra goes to the roof to get all the supplies and equipment.

                        - Bina falls asleep.  (Bina's dream, age 19.  (Go to 2012 (dream)).

July 17, 2013, 10:30:00 - Kendra noticed the air was getting cold again.

July 17, 2013, 11:04:00 - Naughts show up.

July 17, 2013, 11:10:00 - Bina wakes up, the scarf is beside her.  She ties her hair in a ponytail.

                        - Kendra tells Bina the Naughts are here, surrounding the garage.

July 17, 2013, 11:14:00 - Bina and Kendra move the tool cabinet to block the garage door.

                        - Bina acquires a hammer.

                        - Kendra has set up the time machine in the other truck in the garage.  Paradox channel grounds into the mud.

                        - Bina uses the flashlight to direct her unlight.  The Naughts take notice and are breaking into the garage.

                        - Naughts break in.  Time travel just in time, to (July 17, 2013, 02:25:00 (g-past)).

July 17, 2013, 12:51:00 - (PTP) Bina and Kendra are kicked out of the Moment so B3 can reset it, effectively resolving their jump, that started at "g".

July 17, 2013, 13:00:00 - Bina and Kendra, after a little running and screaming, find a safe place to try and fix the Moment.  Damp and shivering is involved.

                        - ***Time mentioned by the DPIR Director that the storm started shrinking***

July 17, 2013, 13:30:00 - Bina figures out and reprograms the Moment.  Bina and Kendra go back to the Moment in order to get dry, and plan.  Travel to the Moment (<2).

July 17, 2013, 13:35:00 - (PTP) Bina and Kendra out from the Moment (<2), and start setting up boxes and equipment in the smokestack.

July 17, 2013, 14:00:00 - Elizabeth's SWAT team arrives, looking for Gregor in the "incident site".

July 17, 2013, 14:05:00 - Kendra uses the n-variable time machine to send Bina to an hour before Elizabeth falls (July 17, 2013, 06:55:00, (i-past)).

July 17, 2013, 14:18:00 - Kendra sees the n-variable machine light pulse (corresponding to (i6), Bina using her machine to catch Elizabeth).

July 17, 2013, 14:19:00 - Kendra sees a second pulse from her machine (corresponding to the energy from the creation of the Naughts).

July 17, 2013, 14:20:00 - (i-PTP) Kendra sees Bina's signal and pulls her back (from 08:06, (i10)).  They have 2 minutes before catching up to Elizabeth's jump.

                        - Bina is visably shaken; just before Kendra pulled her back, a Naught lunged at her.  Kendra is able to snap her out of it.

                        - Bina cannot make it up the ladder to the switch for Elizabeth's second time machine.  She is going to use her unlight flashlight.

July 17, 2013, 14:21:30 - Bina and Kendra are in position.

July 17, 2013, 14:21:45 - Bina worries about the Moment, but Kendra shows her that she has it safe.

July 17, 2013, 14:22:00 - Elizabeth has not come through her jump yet.  Bina thinks something has gone wrong; Kendra fumbles for the dummy that she forgot about.

July 17, 2013, 14:22:10 - Bina and Kendra catch up to Elizabeth's jump (portal opened upside-down, so Elizabeth's tragectory was changed to falling up instead of down).

July 17, 2013, 14:22:15 - Bina activates the second time machine with her unlight flashlight as Elizabeth falls again after reaching her apex.

                        - The machine catches Elizabeth successfully with a second portal.  Kendra throws the dummy into the first portal just as it closes.

July 17, 2013, 14:22:25 - Bina wonders how long into the future they sent Elizabeth just as she exits, smashing hard into the mattresses and boxes.

July 17, 2013, 14:22:35 - The cracks in space-time are severe enough that Kendra can see them throughout the smokestack.

                        - Kendra goes in to retrieve Elizabeth, struggling with mattresses to free her.

                        - Bina tosses the medkit to Kendra, and makes sure the door to the smokestack is locked (the Naughts are right outside).

                        - Kendra says Elizabeth is breathing.  Naughts are coming through the pipe.

                        - Bina notices the Hound is looking in from the top of the smokestack.  "Get out of the boxes, now!"

July 17, 2013, 14:22:40 - The Hound leaps into the smokestack.  Bina uncovers her spooky hand, activating the second time machine above them.

                        - The Hound drops into a huge portal.  With space-time so fractured here already, the temperature drops 40 degrees instantly.

                        - Bina covers her hand, the portal closes, and the top half of the smokestack collapses.

July 17, 2013, 14:22:45 - Bina and Kendra (with Elizabeth in her arms) run.  The Hound comes crashing through the exit portal into the boxes, right behind Kendra.

                        - Shards of time rain down everywhere.  Past and future are shaking loose here, the sense of wrongness overwhelming.

July 17, 2013, 14:23:00 - Bina runs past herself in the opposite direction.  The Hound is tearing a Naught apart.

                        - Bina swings on her scarf (impossibly) across a chasm of missing "here" to Kendra.  She activates and travels to the Moment (<3).

                        - (PTP) Bina, Kendra, and Elizabeth exit the Moment and are in Bina and Amie's apartment.  Amie is here, and has only had a few hours sleep.

July 17, 2013, 14:25:00 - Amie, armed with a cricket bat, discovers Kendra and Elizabeth in her living room setting up equipment.

                        - The equipment is a special time machine that doesn't move forward in time during a jump.

July 17, 2013, 14:30:00 - Machine is set up.  Amie provides a keychain light source to power it.

                        - Amie jumps into the machine at the last second.  Everyone is traveling to (July 17, 2013, 07:55:00 (j-past)).

                        - (j5-PTP) Bina has received emergency care at the hospital.  Also, this resolves the jump from (j), as they have caught up to their PTP.

                        - Kendra takes Bina, and a bunch of medical supplies, to the Moment (<4).  This will give Bina extra time to recover without wasting time in their PTP.

                        - (PTP) Kendra and Bina exit the Moment.  Bina is still sleeping, and Kendra leaves to meet up with her hospital friends.

                        - The hospital is on emergency lighting, because of the brownouts.  Power is only going to surgical suites and intensive care.

(dream, from (j) travel) - Bina, at an undefined age.  Bina is confused.  ***(This dream sequence is at an undefined time, so placed here before Bina wakes at 15:00:00)***

                         - Lash is here in Bina's apartment in Montreal.  She says it is "next month", and has knowledge of future events (Bina is going to ask her to visit).

                         - Bina's arm is "leaking".  Lash has offered her oily static to eat, which Bina refuses.  Piotyr is here and very scared.

                         - Bina learns that this is the Botfly speaking as Lash.  Everything is lit green as far as the eye can see.

                         - "Oh Bina, nobody has eyes anymore".

July 17, 2013, 15:00:00 - Bina wakes up in the hospital, IV in her arm, and fresh bandages on her knees.  She ventures standing up.

                        - This is the last time Elizabeth checked in with the SWAT team.  They are heading in deeper to find Gregor.

July 17, 2013, 15:05:00 - Bina finds clothes in a bag near the window.  She spies someone walking to their car, so this must be the real world.

                        - No lights are on here, but the phone has a dialtone.  She tries calling Amie, but there is a click, then nothing.

                        - Underwear, pants, and Hello Kitty socks on.  Hurray!

July 17, 2013, 15:10:00 - Bina ventures a peek in the hallway.  All lights are out.  Bina has a severe panic attack, and has to lay down to let it pass.

July 17, 2013, 15:20:00 - Bina manages to pee, and grab a drink from the bathroom sink.  She thinks she is in an abandoned hospital (water was rusty for a bit).

July 17, 2013, 15:30:00 - After some searching, Bina finds a working flashlight.  Sha ventures into the hallway, turning left towards the nurse's station.

                        - Bina finds Kendra (hugs!).  She also meets Emmie (anesthesiologist, Kendra's "friend") and Melissa (nurse, Kendra's sister).

                        - The hospital wing they are in was supposed to be renovated for Oncology, but because of costs is just sitting here.

                                    - This wing keeps catching on fire because it is old, and improper installation of oxygen lines next to the equipment.

                        - Emmie leaves to check the surgical board, and Melissa leaves to get Bina a wheelchair from emergency.

July 17, 2013, 15:35:00 - Left alone, Bina and Kendra are free to talk.  Kendra says Emmie and Mel think Bina is a human trafficking victim.

                        - Kendra thinks it was a mistake to tell Elizabeth what they know; she thinks Elizabeth is kinda scary (Elizabeth called her boss).

                        - Bina learns Amie has time-traveled with them.

                        - Melissa returns and takes Bina back to her room and into bed.  Kendra is able to get rid of Mel to look for more meds and bandages.

July 17, 2013, 15:45:00 - Kendra explains about Elizabeth, time-travel, admitting her to the hospital, and caring for Bina in the Moment.

                        - Emmie returns.  He thinks Amie has gone home.  He offers his cellphone for them to try calling her.

                        - Kendra calls Amie.  Amie is brief and pretending that Kendra is her mom when she speaks.

                        - Mel and Emmie are amazed at Bina's recovery - her knee stitches are ready to come out.

July 17, 2013, 16:00:00 - Bina is wearing the "World's Best Granny" shirt.  Kendra and Bina are searching for Amie in the Administration wing (they know Elizabeth has Amie).

                        - They find Amie in a room with Elizabeth.  Two cops catch them peeking in the door, which is convenient - they were sent to find Bina and Kendra.

July 17, 2013, 16:05:00 - Elizabeth reveals she has the device from the apartment, a SWAT team is looking for Gregor (sent "2 hours ago"), and she is waiting for backup.

                        - The last time she checked in with them was an hour ago.  Kendra says she needs to pull them out - they are heading into a nightmare.

                        - Unfortunately the SWAT team is out of commmunication range.  Backup is due to arrive at 22:00.

                        - Bina's arm is itching again.  The lights go out.

July 17, 2013, 16:10:00 - Bina thinks Gregor and the Naughts are here.  Everyone decides moving to the staff lounge would be better, it has windows and another flashlight.

                        - Amie is convinced, after speaking with Bina, this is just like Doctor Who.

                        - Elizabeth has likely called in to get everyone pulled back outside of the incident area.

July 17, 2013, 16:15:00 - They reach the lounge.  Emmie is here trying to find a phone that works.  ICU is a madhouse because of the power outage.

July 17, 2013, 16:25:00 - Bina is telling everyone in the lounge the entire situation, starting at the beginning outside the Laundromat.

                        - Officers Castillo and Edwards are just inside the door discussing how weird this is.  A Naught passes outside the door, unnoticed.

                        - Bina and Kendra are worried that Amie is able to influence events because she is into Doctor Who.

                        - Reviewing the situation, when Bina askes Amie what would happen next on the show, and she says "Mayhem".  On cue, screams come from the hallway.

                        - The officers see people running in the hallway, and dirty water all over the floor.  Smell of old dust and burnt meat penetrates the room.

                        - The officers are going into the hallway to check it out.  Amie says, "we're coming too", and everyone does even though it is a bad idea.

July 17, 2013, 16:30:00 - The group catches up to the officers after questioning two runners in the hallway (Naughts are abducting people).

                        - The officers fire at an approaching Naught, but it ducks into a bathroom, ignoring them.

                        - The Naught envelopes a doctor in the bathroom, and crashes through the drop ceiling, escaping.

                        - The Naught dives down an elevator shaft.  Amie believes the abductees are being taken to the Botfly.  Everyone pursues it down the staircase.

July 17, 2013, 16:35:00 - They reach sub-basement 2.  The door has been propped open, and there's more dirty water down here.

                        - Peeking inside, there are handprints on the wall leading down a long hallway.  The Naughts have been this way.

                        - They split up: Bina, Kendra, and Emmie are heading towards the generators, and the rest are following the handprints.

July 17, 2013, 16:40:00 - Kendra, Emmie, and Bina recognize they are in Amie's "wish".  They realize Amie is the Companion, and one of them is the Doctor.

                        - Amie and her team find the Naughts (all of them) behind a heavily handprinted door.

July 17, 2013, 16:45:00 - Bina's team determines there is a time crack here (the entropic well has expanded).  Kendra investigates green glow from generator room.

                        - Amie's team finds out Mel is trapped in a vent above the Naughts.  With her wish (and much Doctor Who bantering), she is able to free Mel, and they run.

July 17, 2013, 16:50:00 - Bina and Kendra are in the generator room.  Gregor has repurposed Kendra's time machine as teleportation, hooking it up to the generators.

                        - Naughts are guarding the device.  The portal opens to the incident site.  Kendra tries to figure out how to shut down the generators.

                        - Meawhile, team Amie is being chased by Naughts.  They are running towards the generator room.

July 17, 2013, 16:55:00 - A Naught passes by the generators, carrying a woman to the portal.  Emmie accidentally looks at the green light, and is momentarily stupefied.

                        - Kendra shuts down 1 generator.  Gregor notices, pulls a gun, and calls the Naughts to help him.  "Mouse girl!  Come out!"

                        - Bina and Gregor briefly talk about the Green Lady (she is lonely, he tells her stories, she knicknamed Bina "Mouse girl").

                        - Gregor threatens to shoot Bina if she doesn't come with him through the portal.  The Green Lady wants her.

                        - Elizabeth and Edwards show up.  Edwards is stupefied, but Elizabeth pulls him around a corner.  She reappears, holding a gun.

                        - During the banter, Elizabeth draws her gun on Gregor.  He drops his gun calmly, and makes the Naughts back off.

                        - Bina insists Elizabeth shoot Gregor, but she wants him cuffed.  Naughts are arriving from the hallway, and Gregor calls the Hound.

July 17, 2013, 17:00:00 - Bina fishes Gregor's gun from the muck.  She takes 3 steps forward and fires at the device (miss).  Gregor moves behind her.

                        - Gregor grabs Bina's shoulder and she fires again (miss).  Gregor is about to grab Bina in a headlock, but Elizabeth shoots him in the left arm.

                        - Elizabeth shoots Gregor several more times in the chest.  Everything becomes unnervingly calm.  Everyone holding the door against the Naughts relaxes.

July 17, 2013, 17:05:00 - Bina figures out, too late, that Gregor has a second gun, and a bullet-proof vest.  He shoots Elizabeth in the chest, "Didn't I kill this one already?".

                        - Bina catches Gregor off-guard, telling him he didn't really get what he wanted.  The Hound is not his dog, and Piotyr belongs to Bina.

                        - Amie grabs Gregor from behind.  Gregor shakes her off, but Kendra grabs his gun and kicks him in the face.  The Naughts are grabbing everyone.

                        - Bina unplugs the device in the confusion.  The portal closes on the Hound, the Naughts disappear, and it rains doctors.

                        - The generators kick the lights back on.  Everyone is recovering.

                        - Amie picks up Gregor's watch from the muck.

July 17, 2013, 18:20:00 - (L-past) Kendra arrives at Chalet du Mont Royal, about 2.5 hours in the past.

                        - (L1) There are three joggers here who have witnessed Kendra appear out of thin air.  She tells them to go home, and so they do.

July 17, 2013, 18:21:00 - (L2) Kendra checks the phone (timestamp 18:21).  She notes the pizza arrived at the hospital about 45 minutes from now, and shuts off the phone.

                        - (L3) Kendra enters the building, noting there are no tourists here.  A pizzeria menu crunches under her foot as she steps forward, startling her.

July 17, 2013, 18:23:00 - (L4) Kendra asks a gift shop worker (older woman) if she can use her phone, picks out a card, and calls for delivery.

July 17, 2013, 18:28:00 - (L5) After five minutes, and an extra $100, she convinces "Pizza Time" to deliver to the Chalet, and then Western General Hospital.

July 17, 2013, 18:30:00 - In this assumed span of time (17:05 to 18:30), these events have taken place (non-specific timestamps):

                                 - Everyone has been cleared out of the generator room.

                                 - Elizabeth has been examined and is in surgery for her wounds.

                                 - Gregor has been sedated and handcuffed to a hospital bed, and is being treated for gunshot wound.

                                 - Bina returns to the generator room and finds out the portal didn't entirely close.  Cracks are visible without unlight.

                                 - (L6) Kendra buys the card with the pink envelope, and writes her time-note. she also purchases a stuffed beaver toy. She settles down on a bench outside, adding to the note that she (past-Kendra) cannot read this, and begins to study B12's journal. Helpful Grandma and the rest of the people at the Chalet lock up and leave.

July 17, 2013, 18:40:00 - Elizabeth's phone has received message "Sitrep".  Bina starts to try to figure out the passcode.

- (L7) Kendra studies the journal, occasionally making notes (also a mental note to treat B12 carefully when they meet her - sounds like she's in a fragile state of mind). Kendra perks up thinking the delivery person arrived, but Gregor sits down a bench over from her, stealthy as a cat.

July 17, 2013, 18:45:00 - (L8) Gregor says he was expecting "Mouse Girl" to be here, and threatens to shoot Kendra if she runs. He apologizes for hitting her with a shovel, even going so far as to say he deserved getting kicked in the face. Important: he explains the Hound and the Naughts are able to track Bina because of her "Sacred Gift" (spooky arm) - it calls to them. Basically, they tracked her position, but not the time she will be here.

July 17, 2013, 18:55:00 - Bina fails at the phone passcode again.  It is now locked out for 15 minutes.

July 17, 2013, 19:00:00 - (Police Lieutenant arrives at to question everyone from the basement)

                        - Kendra visits Bina.  She says Elizabeth is in bad shape (collapsed lung, broken ribs, cracked pelvis, from Gregor's bullets).

                        - Kendra breaks down and cries while Bina is organizing her thoughts.

July 17, 2013, 19:05:00 - Amie receives pizza and time-letter (she peeks).

July 17, 2013, 19:10:00 - Amie shows up with a time-letter, and mention of pizza.  Bina learns the code for Elizabeth's phone (4982 -IWTB- sent from Kendra).

                        - Amie also mentions the cops want to talk to Bina and/or Kendra.

July 17, 2013, 19:15:00 - Bina, Kendra, and Amie are enjoying pizza in the old chapel in the surgical wing.  Time check says 19:15.

                        - Bina is wearing a lead pad because her arm is still glowing through the bandages.

                        - We learn Elizabeth's people are due to arrive at 22:00.

                        - Amie says 4 things need to happen:

                              - Call the X-files people.

                              - Talk to the police; they need to know about Gregor.

                              - Must go back in time to mess with Gregor's machine so the doctors and Naughts end up on their correct sides when it is unplugged.

                              - Figure out how to kill the Botfly.

                        - This is the first time Bina recognizes she acquired a time-travel gift from the Botfly (though she hates it).

                        - Bina leaves to call the X-files while Kendra and Amie are to talk to the cops.

                        - (k-past) Bina, Kendra, and Amie exit the portal, dropping just outside Guy-concordia Metro Station.  The Hound's tracks lead inside.

                        - (k1) They realize the Hound has created paradox here, and they must fix it (time-stamp, 19:15)

July 17, 2013, 19:20:00 - (k2) Following the blood trail, Bina mentions B7 tried to blow up the Botfly with a bomb, and B8 tried to use paradox to destroy Naughts.

                        - (k3) They reach the subway, and follow the trail of blood deeper underground, along the tracks.

July 17, 2013, 19:25:00 - (k4) They reach a siding in the tunnel.  There's bodies here, and a plastic sheet (fallen) that was blocking the view of the factory.

                        - (k5) Bina steps on a tooth from the Hound.

July 17, 2013, 19:30:00 - Operations have sent messages to Elizabeth's phone:

                              - Tactical team has missed 3rd check-in.  Research team advises against sending further personnel before primary backup arrives.

                              - They want confirmation of Elizabeth's involvement in "significant event" mentioned by local news in he last reported location.

                        - Bina unlocks the phone, and messages about Elizabeth's status, and evidence of hostile inhuman intelligence trying to gain access to our reality.

                        - Meanwhile, Kendra, Amie, Castillo, and Edwards are keeping an eye on Gregor; Kendra is concerned about lack of proper restraints.

                        - More police (backup) have arrived outside the hospital.

                        - Castillo tells Amie the Lieutenant arrived at 19:00 to question everyone from the basement about the incident.

                        - Emmie arrives, responding to Kendra's page.  She wants Emmie to knock Gregor out for the next few hours.

                        - Bina has connected to Operations through codeword: Celedon Jungle.  She is connected to speak with the Director.

                        - (k6) Amie turns off the lights in the siding while Kendra fixes the plastic sheet.  Bina stops Amie from trying to stop the train.

                        - (k7) Everyone hides and the train goes past them.  Paradox fixed.  Kendra sees blood on a footprint (weird).  Time travel back to (July 17, 2013, 19:55:00 (k8-PTP)).

                        - HAZMAT clears the "gas leak", and starts diverting ambulances to nearby hospitals.

July 17, 2013, 19:35:00 - Kendra pulls Amie aside; she thinks Amie is influencing events because of a gift from the Botfly (fanfic/story obsession).

                        - The Director tells Bina help is not coming, due to something powerful causing a large amount of unlikely delays. 

                        - Storm reports show the storm is shrinking.  It started at 03:00, started shrinking at 13:30, and dipped a few times around 14:30.

                        - Bina tells the Director about the Botfly and the Other Moment, where it exists and feeds.

                        - Bina learns that the DPIR has the time machine from Bina and Amie's apartment.

July 17, 2013, 19:40:00 - The Hound has arrived, smashing through a wall a few stories above Bina's vantage point at the window.

                        - The Hound rescues Gregor, leaving Emmie, Amie, Kendra, and the two officers stunned and speechless.  It drops to the ground.

                        - The Hound protects Gregor as police surround it and start shooting.  It tears them apart in seconds.

                        - The Hound opens a portal and escapes.  The portal is expanding dangerously, everyone feeling effects of paradox.

                        - Bina, Kendra, and Amie jump into the portal.  Time travel to (July 17, 2013, 19:15:00 (k-past)).

July 17, 2013, 19:55:00 - (k8-PTP) Bina, Kendra, and Amie are outside the hospital where the Hound killed the officers, in the middle of a crime-scene investigation.

                        - The Lieutenant tells an older Officer to escort them away.  The Officer has no idea what "Celadon Jungle" is, but Amie thinks he's being evasive.

July 17, 2013, 20:01:00 - Bina, Kendra, and Amie arrive at the hospital through the EM entrance.  The Officer mentions everyone cleared out because of a gas leak.

                        - Kendra takes Bina to Triage.  Amie checks her phone (timestamp 20:01).

July 17, 2013, 20:05:00 - Bina is getting the puncture wound on her foot cleaned.  Kendra is having Melissa and Emmie paged.

                        - Amie shows up with a labcoat and shoes; she supposedly took them from a hospital clerk (being cagey with her explanation).

                        - Bina produces the Hound's tooth she stepped on earlier; they deduce something hurt it, but what?

                        - Melissa and Emmie arrive.

July 17, 2013, 20:10:00 - Mel has stitched up Bina's foot.  Amie arrives with a pair of green crocs (bought at the hospital gift shop, funded by Emmie).

July 17, 2013, 20:25:00 - After clearing the Triage room, Bina calls the Director (assumed this is the call she makes to get everyone 100 meters away from the construction site).

                        - Kendra, Mel, and Amie shopped for food to take to the Moment from a nearby Grocery store.

                        - Amie was acting oddly, not really paying attention in the store.

July 17, 2013, 20:27:00 - Bina, Kendra, and Amie meet up outside the hospital.  Mel is not coming with them, and Emmie ran back to get his bag.

                        - Emmie gives a positive update on Elizabeth's condition.

                        - Emmie says the female cop is also doing well, but Kendra remembers the male being hurt when the Hound broke through the wall. (paradox?)

                        - Bina, Kendra, Amie, and Emmie travel to the Moment (<5).

                        - (PTP) A flash of unlight knocks out the generators at the construction site.  Lia and Wong (they work for Elizabeth) are working here.

                        - Bina, Kendra, Amie, and Emmie are outside near the small crane.  Lia recognizes them as the time-travelers (Liz and the Director told them).

July 17, 2013, 20:30:00 - Amie notices Lia and Wong.  Bina notes that they're not using the Moment to travel through time, just as PTP transport from site to site.

                        - Bina asks Lia and Wong if they have any exploitable needs or desires, and where she could find a fire axe.  Kendra is reading, Emmie is watching out for zombies.

                        - Amie is designated to follow Bina - she is overly concerned that The Doctor never acted like Bina is now ("swanning about").

July 17, 2013, 20:35:00 - Bina enters the office, speaks with Amie about the envelopes being suspicious (and that B3 is fucking with her), and proceeds to axe the wall (time-message wall).

                        - Emmie is getting anxious about the quiet.  While Kendra continues to read, Emmie makes his way to the gate to check on things.

July 17, 2013, 20:40:00 - Bina forces Amie to think, and she eventually figures out that the problem with inter-timeline time travel is that it's still temporary.

                        - Bina acquires a yellow lego from the wall (she calls it a life raft?).

                        - Emmie realizes the streets and cop cars are empty.  Something's wrong.  Emmie decides it's time to go.

                        - Time to go!  Emmie and Bina call attention to a multi-headed Naught climbing out of the pit by Kendra.

                        - Kendra stabs the Naught with her umbrella and opens it, confusing/slowing it down.  Kendra grabs the book and runs.

                        - The construction site is being rapidly over-run by Naughts coming from all directions.  Amie grabs Lia and Wong.

                        - Kendra sets the Moment's acquisition controls from "direct" to "contagious".  Everyone grabs ahold of each other (including Horatio).

                        - The Moment transports them from the construction site to behind Omer Deserres (an art supply place).

July 17, 2013, 20:45:00 - Horatio grabs Emmie.  Kendra wants the axe to free him, but Bina suggests "Plan B", setting the Moment's controls, and throwing it to Emmie.

                        - Emmie catches it just as Horatio takes off with him.  Amie yells for Bina to tell Horatio to stop.  She tries, but it does not.

                        - Bina shines her unlight, activating the Moment and transports Emmie back with the group, leaving a confused Horatio behind.  BOOP!

                        - Emmie vomits.  Bina grabs the duffel bag.  Lia and Wong have decided they had enough, and run.  Horatio is on his way back.

                        - Bina and company use the Moment to transport to place number three (Chalet du Mont Royal).

July 17, 2013, 20:50:00 - Bina explains the second stop was to ditch anything they brought with them (Horatio) without notice.

                        - Bina and Kendra were expecting to ditch the Not-Dog at the second stop; lack of Gregor leaves them unsettled.

                        - Kendra has not finished reading.  Bina pulls out a time device, to use on Kendra rather than sending her to the Moment to catch up.

                        - Emmie sees time damage as melting plastic, Kendra as splintered wood, Bina as smashed glass, and Amie as swirling blue clouds.

                        - Bina unlocks the phone, and Kendra calls the DPIR to get the unlock code for the phone (trying to close an origin paradox from the hospital).

July 17, 2013, 20:55:00 - Kendra finishes her call, and reminds Bina she still has the hospital basement to deal with (Kendra's stolen time machine).

                        - Bina pokes Kendra with the device, and Kendra disappears.  In the time-void, Kendra notes that the green glow is stronger than before.

                        - (Go to July 17, 2013, 18:20:00 (L-past)).

(<OM) (The Other Moment) - Bina arrives in the Other Moment.  Piotyr is here, and settles into her lap.  An odd shape in the background becomes a TV when she looks at it.

                         - Bina sees Mrs. Hyung (condo developer), and Mr. Petrovich (Gregor's Uncle) on a couch.  There are wires in the back of their heads.

                         - Bina is stupefied by the TV/Botfly.  Piotyr grabs her pantleg and causes her to fall to her knees.  Lights have pierced her right arm.

                         - The shock of the impact is enough to let her realize something is wrong, and she closes her eyes.

                         - Sensation of pain comes sweeping back to her, and she passes out from blood loss (Bina's dream, age 6.  Go to 1999 (dream)).

(<OM1) (wake) - Bina wakes up to see a wire pierced through her wrist and forearm.  She pulls it out, and wraps her wounds with Grandma's scarf.

              - The couch people wonder how Bina is here, if Gregor didn't take her to the basement or the construction site.  She says the Not-dog transported her.

              - Bina notices the factory, and decides to enter.  Calendar here says July 17, 1911, circled in green ("factory closed for experiment").

              - Time travel!  (Go to July 17, 1911, dawn).

(<OM2) - Bina is back from 1911.  There is a message on the door, "What kind of maggot grows in the corpse of a day?".  Bina's head hurts.

       - Mrs. Hyung calls out for Bina.  Gregor is back in the Laundromat.

       - Bina finds a hole punched in the calendar, and into the wall, through July 17.  In it is part of her Grandma's scarf, and a note:

            - "B.  Do not cross own history.  Back bad, forward worse.  Events lock.  (equation)-J"

       - Mrs. Hyung says she just started to be able to see into the Laundromat a few moments ago, and Bina's body is still there; she must leave this place.

       - Bina throws the scarf into the air, stretching impossibly and hooking on a star.  She climbs up and out of the Other Moment.  (Go to July 17, 02:55:00 (wake))

(<1) (first time in the Moment) - 64 hours after arrival in the Moment.  (After finding the Moment in the factory)

     09:00 - Time is frozen here.  It is always July 16, 2013, 09:37:36.  Bina wakes up at 09:00, subjective time.  Poityr is here too.

           - Bina is taking Zithro and pain meds; her knees are no better or worse.  Kendra is working on the viewers.

           - The Moment expends space to extend time.  In 64 hours, it has shrunk 12 meters, 8 centimeters (current rate is about 1 meter/5 hours).

     19:00 - Bina is in the park, after some frustration with Kendra.  Kendra has brought Bina meds, water, and a sandwich.

           - Bina and Kendra figure out shattering time makes cracks in both directions, past and present.

           - Bina theorizes everything caused by the Botfly might be a trick, just to get people to look at it.  Observing may = more real.

     22:00 - Bina and Kendra are reading the BinAlts journals.  Every journal ends when their respective Bina writes about a plan against the Botfly.

           - Bina and Kendra have listed everything they know about what the BinAlts have tried.  Kendra notes that no Bina has ever asked for help.

     09:00 - The "next day".  Bina wakes up.  (The Moment should have shrunk another 4.5 meters)  Kendra says they must fix the viewers.

           - Kendra says unlight will kick in the Moment's failsafes, ejecting occupants to a random time and place.

     11:00 - (assumed - "hours later") Bina and Kendra are checking wires.  Bina gets an idea from schematics to smash open a viewer from the back panel.

           - Kendra flips the switch, and the viewer is now active.  B3 is there, in an unknown location.

           - After some discussion with B3, the Moment starts to waver.  Since Bina and Kendra are on a jump, it is destabilizing the Moment.

           - B3 reprograms the Moment so it doesn't kick Bina and Kendra to a random time/place, but puts them at their n-continuous time (12:51).  (Go to July 17, 2013, 12:51:00 (PTP))

(<2) (second time in the Moment) - Several hours after arrival in the Moment.  (After Bina figures out and fixes the Moment)

           - Bina and Kendra are planning out how to save Elizabeth.

           - Bina figures out that they can catch Elizabeth with one time machine, reverse her direction, and catch her again at the apex of her "fall" with another.

           - Three time machines will be involved, total, as well as carboard boxes and mattresses to break Elizabeth's fall.

                         - The first machine is for Elizabeth, is n-continuous, portable, and can create a portal at a distance.

                         - The second one for Elizabeth is poratble, n-continuous, can be hooked up to a switch, and deploys a fast portal at close range.

                         - The third is for Bina; dilated timescale, and n-variable so Kendra can cancel Bina's jump and pull her back to Kendra's position.

                         - Bina will signal Kendra with a morse "B" to pull her back when done, or if she's in trouble.

           - Bina and Kendra fine-tune their plan, gather boxes and matresses, and Bina spends time practicing assembling the first time machine.

           - Bina and Kendra exit the Moment, to 13:35, in the smokestack.  (Go to July 17, 2013, 13:35:00 (PTP))

(<3) (third time in the Moment) - (After saving Elizabeth, and being responsible for a localized breakdown in causality)

           - Relief.  Bina, Kendra, and Elizabeth are all alive.  Elizabeth is badly injured, and requires immediate medical attention.

           - Kendra is trying to power through her panic to check Elizabeth for serious internal injuries.  Bina passes out, but Kendra determines she's not going to die.

           - After a bit, Elizabeth is stitched up, and Bina is programming an exit vector from the Moment (Elizabeth is still on a jump).

           - Kendra gets Bina cleaned up and into bed.  Elizabeth gets up and moves to the edge of the Nothing behind the Laundromat.

           - Kendra calms Elizabeth enough to get her back in the house and talking.  Bina has a severe fever (103.6 F).  We learn:

                         - Elizabeth works for the Department of Phenomenological Investigation and Research (DPIR - Canadian X-files, basically).

                         - DPIR was called to investigate underground when the sinkhole opened at the construction site.

                         - Nothing electrical works in the underground; no photographs, no video, no audio, measuring instruments go crazy, etc.

           - Bina, Kendra, and Elizabeth exit the Moment (14:23), Bina and Amie's apartment.  (Go to July 17, 2013, 14:23:00 (PTP))

(<4) (fourth time in the Moment) - (After getting Bina properly treated, and the jump from (j) is resolved)

           - Kendra spends 3 days in the Moment taking care of Bina, reading the journals, and feeding Piotyr.  She exits with Bina back to the hospital.  (Go to July 17, 2013, 14:30:00 (PTP)).

(<5) (fifth time in the Moment) - 39 hours after arriving in the Moment. (After having called the DPIR Director, and buying supplies/groceries)

      09:00 - Kendra has hauled one of the machines from the basement onto the deck and is taking it apart.  Bina and Emmie are making breakfast.

            - Amie is measuring the Nothing.

      10:30 - Emmie says Bina had a blood infection, and should not be walking without crutches.

            - Bina finds Amie going through journals and making a crazy wall.  She decides to lie down and help, with post-its!  ***(reference (AHA!) for post-it tie-ins)***

      15:30 - Kendra arrives with food.  Bina and Amie are still at the crazy wall.

            - Bina and Amie find a pattern with Gregor; he has access to information between loops, but doesn't remember each loop.

            - Kendra is the only reason Bina has both halves of her magic scarf.  Kendra being alive has changed a lot of things, for the better.

            - The Moment lost 4 meters of radius on their first day here.  Amie is acting strange again.  Evasive.

            - Kendra reveals she is trying to piece together a near n-instant time machine, stating they shouldn't be using the Moment for travel.

            - Bina reveals she asked the DPIR Director to shut down the internet for Montreal, authorization to return to the incident site, and told her about the subway trip.

            - Kendra thinks the Hound fought something in the subway, losing a tooth during.  Also, blood was splattered over her footprint, not trampled into it.

      Time passes (sometime past midnight, subjective time).  The Moment is now 75.5 meters radius.

            - Amie mentions, while Bina is trying to sleep, that the Moment is unlocked, and that they could go to any loop now.

            - Bina has a realization, and grabs a note from the back of one of the journals.  She starts to panic and runs outside.  Kendra follows after her.

            - The note is a list of all the things the previous Binas have tried.  Bina realizes they are the ones that will "dropkick the people in the factory out of the calendar".

                          - The note is not a list of ten plans, it's one plan in ten pieces.  Their plan.

      01:56 - Bina refuses to kill anyone, except the Botfly.  "Everybody lives".  Bina bets that B12's notes will have something on how to get the Moment to move between loops.

            - We find out that Amie has Gregor's watch.  She picked it up in the hospital basement during all of the confusion after closing the portal (at 17:05:00).

                          - Amie believes Bina is acting like David Tennant (the Tenth Doctor), and Amie is oddly sympathetic towards the Botfly.

      Time passes (morning, subjective time?)

            - Everyone is in the living room, planning their next move.  ("Let's Kill a god!")

            - Emmie reveals B12 wrote an entire book about intra-loop travel, not just notes.  This is the journal Bina retrieved from the truck.

            - Amie is persistantly voicing her sympathy for the Botfly.  Bina gets frustrated, and yells at her to stop treating things like a TV show.  Amie storms outside.

            - Emmie joins Amie outside, bringing her a glass of water.  They talk, and Amie mentions having almost died once, telling her story and musing about not being able to change who she is.

            - Emmie convinces Amie to break into houses to look for clothes.

      Meanwhile, back in the house:

            - Kendra wonders if Amie and her gift is a trap.  Bina (reluctantly) admits time-travel is her "wish", and that she'll have to lean on the Doctor Who thing for awhile.

            - Bina and Kendra agree to move time machines and everything of value out onto the street, near the point of origin for the Moment.

         ***- At some point, plans are solidified, and everyone exits the Moment.  (Go to July 17, 2013, 20:27:00 (PTP)).

(AHA!)  - (B9 journal) 06:45 - B9 exits the Moment into the construction office to use the phone, but can't because she encounters a Naught.

                                 - B9 escapes through the main gate to the construction site.  She also stole a key earlier.

        - (B4 journal) 09:15 - B4 tests Prototype 126-A in a vacant lot.

        - (B9 journal) 21:48 - B9 assembles final trap design at the tower.

        - (B9 journal) 22:03 - B9 has a snack, and returns supplies to the Moment.  LAST ENTRY.

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