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Not to be confused with the Timeline, which is the series of events that one loop is comprised of.

The events in All Night Laundry have been repeated at least eleven times in a series of time loops. Each time loop has a different version of Bina, who began numbering themselves with B3. The loops appear to be caused by the Botfly somehow, but its reasons for doing so remain vague.

There are eleven loops that have been definitely proven to exist, and possibly several more according to B3. Bina, the main protagonist, is in the loop labeled the thirteenth, so she is also known as B13.

Interaction Between Loops Edit

Each loop, starting with B3, has been able to interact with the following loop by use of the viewers and the moment. B3 was able to use them to look into all the loops from B4 through B13, but then limited the range to only one loop forward. B12, and many of the other Binas, used this ability to help the following version of themselves by leaving supplies and notes.

B13 has no current plans to interact with the potential B14's loop, since, according to B3, doing this would guarantee her failure, and B13 is the only one who has not been guaranteed to fail. B3 took away her ability to use the viewers to check on previous or future loops, but opened up her ability to use the moment to enter into any of the loops.

Differences Between Loops Edit

Each loop appears to be identical, or extremely similar, up to some unknown point. Every Bina, except B5, enters the laundromat at around 3AM on July 17th, and follow a similar chain of events that lead them to Hyung's office in the construction site. B11, B12, and B13 all encounter Kendra in the basement of the laundromat.

However, there are several major difference that eventually influence the chain of events. These differences are caused by entropy, Gregor being in contact with the Botfly and learning through her how events unfolded in previous loop and adjusting his actions accordingly, and each loop's Bina reacting to these changes.

Some differences include:

  • The Hound grows in size in each loop as entropy builds. According to the journals, she was the size of a regular dog in early loops.
  • B13 is the only one to eat the tangerine in Josephine's office, according to Josephine.
  • B3 chooses not to save the man in the construction site.
  • B7 hid the green envelope in Mrs. Hyung's desk, instead of on her person.
  • B13 is the only one to successfully save Kendra, and none of the Binas before B11 encounter her at all.
  • B13's loop is the only one that has mud in the factory. B12 says there was a lot of dust in hers.
  • Gregor tries to kill Elizabeth by hitting her in the head with a shovel and knocking her into the hole in B13's loop. According to him, he had to chase her and break her legs in a previous loop.
  • Naughts do not appear until B11's loop.
  • B13 is the only Bina with the ghost version of Piotyr in her head.

B5 Edit

See full article B5.

B5 is the only known loop that follows none of the events in the other loops. In B5's loop, Piotyr is killed in a car accident on the 14th, an event that apparently put too much strain on the timeline and forced it to be reset immediately. Her loop is refered to as "empty."

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