This page was created for all those strange coincidences that not even Zach planned for and times where it really seems like maybe the universe itself is messing with Bina and her crew.

Warning. if you are not up to date with ANL you should probably not continue reading this as there are a tonne of spoilers here.

Chained to the gas Pipe Edit

Zach originally looked up images of gas cylinders just to add more detail in the background and to give Bina and Kendra something realistic to be handcuffed to then it turned out that out of the 3 pipes he could have handcuffed Bina and Kendra to Zach had handcuffed her to the gas pipe completely by accident.

Turning a major character into a much less major one. Edit

There were numerous things that we as readers could have said to turn the plot in a different way, making us meet with Elizabeth having her safe and with us through the rest of the story. Instead, not realizing what we were doing, we guided Bina and Kendra along a path where Elizabeth ends up being "killed". Then we are forced to use time travel to save her, all the while Elizabeth loses screen time.

Universe Puns. Edit

After Kendra and Bina travel through time and retrieve something that B12 left them Kendra is temporarily left with damage to her inner ear from not changing something back that presumably B12 changed earlier. It turns out that damage to the inner ear can literally be caused by not enough vitamin B12 a pun that Zach said was not on purpose.

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