The Botfly's Moment, often referred to as the "Other Moment," is a place that exists outside of space and time much like The Moment which was created by B3. The entrance is supposedly at the underground sugar factory's courtyard, close by to where Bina found the Moment.

This can be assumed because the Hound is seen in the same area, and it matches a physical location to where Bina first saw the Botfly

Bina is transported to the Botfly's Moment by the Hound at the end of Chapter 1. This is where she first encounters the Botfly in the form of a TV. Ms. Hyung and Mr. Petrovich are here as well, apparently held captive. They were placed here by Gregor, albeit against their will.

At first, Bina observes that it feels like dawn, but that this doesn't make sense because there is no birdsong. She later notes that the air feels "stale."[1]

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