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This page refers to both the Location and the Object.

The Moment is a single moment in time that Bina uses as her headquarters in her fight against the Botfly.

Created by B3, the moment is a very powerful machine that fits inside a pocket watch. It contains a tiny shard of space-time, which is a fraction of a fraction of a second from 9:37 and 36 seconds A.M. from July 16th, 2013.[1] The moment originally started out as the size of the entire universe, but never moved forward in time.

It has been around for six years, used by previous Binas as a place to plan, rest, and do research. They would often spend months at a time inside it before returning to the real world.

The center of the moment is located in front of the 24h Laundromat[2], and B13, as well as some of the other Binas, live in the house across the street from it.

The previous Binas used the moment as a way to transfer gear and leave notes for the next iteration of themselves. It houses several important items, including the viewers[3], all of the Binas’ time machines, the journals, and a banana suit left by B12[4].

Abilities and Properties[]

The Moment “burns” space as a sort of “fuel” to compensate for the time spent in it. After six years of use, it has shrunk from the size of the entire universe to the size of a few neighborhood blocks.[5] The rate at which it shrinks is supposed to slow the closer it gets to the center, according to B6’s projections.[6][7] Entering the moment while not at your PTP (while time-traveling) puts more strain on the Moment and causes it to shrink faster than the projected rate. The rate of shrinkage has also increased in B13's loop for unknown reasons besides time travel. The theory B13 supports is that more people inside the Moment causes strain that B6 wouldn't have known about, since B13 is the only loop that involved other people. However, Kendra also pointed out that when she and Bina entered the moment from their correct PTP, the rate of shrinkage was the exact same as the projected rate, even with two people instead of one. An alternate theory is that Gregor's Watch, which neither Bina nor Kendra knew was there, was causing strain for an unexplained reason.

Whenever Bina reveals the unlight inside the moment, it creates visual distortions that look like how nausea feels. Not only does it create that effect, but it will also eventually shoot them back out to their time and location when they entered the moment.[8]

There are no living people or animals inside the moment besides those that Bina brings in with her, but for some reason plants and food, which are also organic material, do exist inside the moment.[9] Food that originates from the moment does not spoil while inside the moment, unless someone breathes on it or otherwise contaminates it.

No matter can pass beyond the edge of the Moment and return[10], so the edge is sometimes called the "event horizon." The void beyond the edge is called the Nothing.[11] It appears as a large white nothingness, which in B13's version of the moment covers the whole sky.

Water, air, sunlight, and electricity constantly replenish inside the moment, even once their sources have been destroyed by the Nothing. According to Kendra, it has something to do with the Moment being a fixed point in time, so these specific things constantly enter from the edges of the moment and return to their original state or location.[12]

Both Bina and Kendra have noted that the physics of the Moment do not make sense. All of the abilities of the Moment have some strange disparities, such as no living animals exist inside the Moment, but meat is fine, even though at a quantum level, there is no difference.[11]

Objects from the Moment[]

Objects that originate from inside the moment have special temporal properties. These objects come from a place displaced in time, and therefore have no PTP. Unlike regular objects from the real world, which require an active time machine to time travel, create paradox, and return to their PTP once the jump has ended (just like time-displaced people), objects from the moment can remain when and where they are placed in the real world and timeline indefinitely. They can also be left in any loop, and possibly will remain there in all subsequent Loops, although this process has not been explained entirely in canon.

The moment, the watch and machine, is itself paradoxically made from objects in the moment through B3's use of time travel. The order of events of how this occurred have not been disclosed, but some theories include B3 leaving the moment and instructions for how to build it for her younger self to build inside the moment, B3 leaving the parts collected from the moment and instructions for her younger self to build in the real world, and B3 leaving parts from the moment with no instructions for her younger self to discover and create on her own in the real world.