Sam was friends with Bina and Laashya in high school. She appears in Bina's dream (age 15) about Laashya's birthday party.
Sam and Lash with pink handcuffs
Bina and Sam outside of the factory
Dream Sam in the Factory

Sam and Bina attended summer camp together the year before Laakshya's party.[1] Bina was 13 years old that summer.[2] Sam taunted Bina into sneaking off one night to explore an old burned-out bakery near the camp, which was rumored to have been the site of serial murders. Sam and Bina heard unexplained voices in the bakery. The adventure was cut short when the police arrived. Bina was caught fleeing and had to be picked up at the station by her parents; Sam escaped. Although Bina and Sam has sworn not to talk about that night, Sam told the story to Laashya at the birthday party.

Sam is taller than Bina but shorter than Laashya, and of medium build. She has medium length straight black hair. She wears an orange medallion. Her traits as a teenager included gregariousness, a somewhat callous sense of humor, a reckless appetite for adventure. She handles fear by stalwart denial, whether during or after the event.

Bina believes Sam hung out with her only to look good (by comparison).[3]

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