Retcons are an in-universe way to explain a paradox that has occurred via time travel. Retcons mainly occur when a character has changed something in the past, either by moving an object or simply by interacting with those around them. When a paradox occurs, it has ripple effects down the relative time line, until it reaches the travellers PTP.

Out of universe, a Retcon is a section of the comic that when revisited, shows a different image or text. This effect is done using cookies on your browser. [cn] Some Retcons are miniscule, while others are noticeable immediately.

There has been one occurrence of a meta-retcon, in which the author Zack has stated that some pages were to be considered non-canon. This decision took several days to make, and was very hard for him.[1]

Internal Retcon Edit

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An internal retcon is a change in the continuity of the story that arises due to forces within the story itself, often as a result of a specific type of time travel.

There may be some retcons missing from this list.

What Kind of Maggot Grows in the Corpse of a Day? Edit

The retcon is initiated on page 97 and covers page 66 to page 67.

Portal through wall Edit

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Quantum Mechanics

The retcon is initiated on page 681 and covers page 124.

Office Shovel Murder Edit

The retcon is initiated on page 167 and covers page 139 to page 156.

The Castillo/Edwards swap Edit

The retcon is initiated on page 1300 and intermittently covers page 1246 to page 1262.

Corruption Edit

The retcon is initiated on page 2273 and covers most of Chapters 1 and 2 (pages 1 to 107). A second retcon is triggered on page 2277, covering most of Chapter 3 (up to page 194).

External Retcon Edit

An external retcon is a change in the story that Zach makes to prevent the story from ending. Since All Night Laundry is an interactive webcomic, there is a chance that the users create untenable situations.

B13's Death Edit

The retcon started on page 468 the events leading to the retcon started on page 427

0471 Retcon Explanation
0468 bExternal retcon

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