Not to be confused with the Timeline, which is the events as they happen in chronological order on July 17th.

The relative timeline is the events as they occur from Bina's perspective. This includes time travel and events that happen in the moment. These events are presented to us as readers in the release order of the webcomic.

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Before July 17th Edit

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July 16th Edit

Bina wakes up around 4am.

Bina's friend doesn't come in for third shift, so Bina has to work a double shift, leaving her hot and tired.

On July 17th Edit

Chapter 1 Edit

Bina goes home after work to find her roommate asleep and herself out of clean clothes. The laundry room in her building closed at 10pm. She grabs her laundry and heads out.

Bina arrives at the laundromat at 2:00 am. It's dark, but the door is open. She enters and looks for the light switch. She nearly trips on a coat lying on the floor before finding them and turning the lights on. Gregor is standing there and gives her a bit of a scare. Bina remembers that he works there with an older man, and that he has a dog. Gregor explains that he'd turned the lights out to watch TV and fell asleep. He's also doing some laundry.

Bina starts her laundry between 2:10 and 2:20 am. Gregor cleans the floors a bit then heads out to buy some dryer sheets after warning her not to go into the employees' places.

She tries to take a nap on the uncomfortable chairs. Failing at that, she goes looking for caffeine. She's surprised to see that the TV is on; she's sure it had been off. She briefly thinks the change machine says "Meat" instead of "Change". Getting a bit unnerved, she turns the TV off, goes to the vending machine and buys cookies. On her way back to the chairs she finds a tooth on the floor. Just then she hears a thumping noise, and only belatedly realizes it's a washing machine a bit out of balance.

It's Gregor's machine that's shaking, and it's got gross, dark water leaking out of it. She can't turn it off because the dial says it is off. She decides to unplug it, but to do so she needs to move it. As she's trying, a hand or claw pops out of the top, then the whole machine falls over. Something crawls out of the water and chases her around the machines. She falls hard on her hip and the beast digs its claws into her leg. She grabs a swiffer and stuffs it into the beast's face. It bites the thing apart and lunges for Bina.

It stops before it bites her. The weird, vibrating fuzziness that was surrounding it suddenly turns off. She starts slowly edging away, but suddenly a flash of green light erupts from the beast's face (eyes?) and Bina finds herself falling.

Chapter 2 Edit

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