Long long ago before Amie had met Bina or even heard of Doctor Who there was Monsieur Alexis Cochon Porte-Clés, who at the time was Amie's only companion and her trusted guardian.

0986 c

M. Porte-Cles though tiny was a mighty warrior pig who would protect Amie from darkness, loneliness, silence and rumour has it that he even protected Amie from various monsters.

Amie and M. Porte-Cles shared many conversations together spoken in a language that most others would never be able to fully comprehend. a language consisting of squeaks, lights, varying amounts of pressure, hand gestures and telepathy.

M. Porte-Cles guided Amie through countless adventures, like the time Amie set off on a quest to subdue a growling beast when from out of nowhere threatening a surprise attack on Amie was a terrifying monster. M. Porte-Cles shone his light on the silent assailant freezing it on the spot, revealing its location to Amie and preventing it from carrying out the planned attack. Carefully stepping around the lego brick Amie marched onwards.

Through a series of wrist flicks and hand gestures Amie asked M. Porte-Cles to guide her through this deadly labyrinth and to protect her from any more monsters. Lighting up the hallway he firmly agreed. Together they found the chest room. They opened the silver chest revealing the treasure they were searching for. Guarding the treasure was a series of clear barriers that could only be removed in a certain order but Amie was clever. She very quickly deciphered the order and removed the barriers. With the clingfilm now removed Amie held the treasure in her hand admiring it for a second before slowly transferring portions of the treasure to the growling beast. That sandwich sure was delicious.

Note:Not actually part of the canon...or is it?

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