All Night Laundry utilizes a variety of art styles, either to convey different time periods, to highlight dream sequences, or simply for dramatic or aesthetic purposes. Zach might have his own names for these different art styles - if he doesn't we'll just have to invent some terms.

The Laundromat Edit

0006 a

Used in pages 2-26, 111-123, 256-262.

Grayscale and mostly just using black and white or off-white, with no antialiasing. Resembles the art produced by Microsoft Paint circa Windows XP. Zach said the art looks like a scribbley sketch because he only allowed himself a small amount of time to draw each panel, otherwise he'd never actually finish and post anything.[1][2]


The Corpse of A Day Edit

0061 a

Used in pages 27-38, 46-69, 96-107.

Though still scribbley, this art style now has anti-aliasing and is somewhat more detailed. Noticably Bina's eyes are drawn as more than just dots. Color is minimal, defaulting to a pale blue-gray.


Bina's Dream (Age 6) Edit

0040 f

Used in pages 39-45.

Colorful, crayon art - as though drawn by an actual 6-year-old.

"Am I drawing this entire sequence with my tablet pen clenched in my fist? Yes. Yes I am."[3]


1911 Edit

0069 b

Used in pages 69-96.

Very similar to the art style used in The Corpse of A Day, except with the color scheme defaulting to sepia tones.


The Construction Site Edit

0134 a

Used in pages 124-139, 149-150.

Now in color, Bina, Gregor, and the Hound still resemble pixel art. Initially the background also resemble pixel art but this is gradually replaced.


Mrs. Hyung's Office Edit

0142 a

Used in pages 140-148, 151-170.

Continuing the progression from the previous style, everything is antialiased and in full color, including Bina. The office, being a confined space, is presented in an overhead isometric view several times.

In the past, the interior of the office is presented in black and white.


The Basement Edit

0173 a

Used in pages 171-194.

Similar to the laundromat above, the basement is presented with aliased lines and minimal color. More shades of gray are used and the detail level is increased, with lines more smooth and less sketchy


Bina's Dream (Age 11 and ½) Edit

0201 a

Used in pages 196-213.

Resembles art drawn with a pen on paper, still looks like a child's drawing. Color is again only used to highlight important things and backgrounds are mostly plain.


The Tunnel Edit

0220 a

Used in pages 215-231.

Everything is dark and presented in shades of purple, with the only light source (Bina's arm) being green. Anything the green light isn't shining directly on is deeply shadowed.


The Factory Edit

0238 c

Used in pages 232-252, 263-288.

Everything is one color - the floor is gray-brown, the walls are purpleish, and most objects are shades of gray or brown. Bina and Kendra, being covered completely in mud, are presented as all one shade of gray or brown, dependng on their level of filth and damp. Art is fairly detailed and lines are smooth, if squiggly.

The same art style is used for the back room of the laundromat.

Bina's Dream (Age 15) Edit


Piotyr's Smellovision Edit

0350 c Piotyr's smellovision


Used in Piotyr's dream pages 343-355


Pixel Art Edit

0468 bExternal retcon


Page 468


Pitch Black Darkness Edit

0560 cBina struggling in mud under door

Injury Count

Used to show what's going on whilst conveying that it is still pitch black for the characters.

Consists of white lineart over a black background.

Used from 560-565 though I believe that it was also used in other pitch black moments.


Bina's Dream Age 19 part1 Edit

0592 binas dream age 15


Used in pages 582-595

Consists of very smooth lineart and virtually no shading or colour.


Adventure time- BDA19 part 2 Edit

Bina page 600

Used in pages 595-621


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