Kendra is a parking enforcement officer who helps Bina.

Biography Edit

Pre-Comic Edit

Before the events of the comic Kendra was working as a parking enforcement officer to pay for school[4]. Gregor mistook her for a police officer and knocked her out, locking her in the 24h Laundromat basement.

Laundromat Escape Edit

Once Bina gets trapped with Kendra, they start working together to escape and defeat the Botfly. Notably, for all BN where N < 13, Kendra did not come along for the rest of her adventure, leaving Bina alone.

Building a Time Machine Edit

With the help of the diagrams in B12's notebook, Kendra manages to build[5] a functioning[6] time machine from hand warmer gel packs, spare batteries, and various random spare parts scavenged from an abandoned factory. This time machine saved them from the Naughts that had surrounded them.[7]

Fixing the Viewers Edit

After Bina finds and activates the Moment, Kendra tried to fix the Viewers.[8]

Saving Elizabeth Edit

After Bina finally fixes the Viewers and talked to B3, Kendra and Bina managed to figure out an elaborate scheme involving three different time machines[9] in order to save[10] Elizabeth from falling to her death.

In the aftermath of Elizabeth waking up and being completely suspicious about Kendra's motives and almost killing herself in the Nothing at the edge of the Moment,[11] Kendra manages to use her diplomatic skills to eventually convince her to help them build a time machine to rush Bina to hospital to treat her worsening injuries.[12]

Personality and Traits Edit

Kendra weighs about twice as much as Bina, [13] putting her at around 200 lbs.

Relationships Edit

Kendra is in a relationship with Emmie, an anesthesiologist.[14]

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