"It's just going to make one little light-bulb turn on."

Josephine Dubois was a scientist who performed experiments with electrons. She discovered a pattern that produced energy when viewed properly, thought to be the Botfly in some form.

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Josephine was a very methodical person, due to her scientific background. When she discovered that her plates were producing electrical current, she systematically split the stacks to determine which tile was producing the charge, and then performed several experiments to determine how to generate electricity.

She is driven by her desire to discover facts about the universe, as well as the desire to make important contributions to science. She quickly becomes frustrated when Bina questions her work, pointing out that Josephine didn't create the pattern on the tile, she merely discovered it. In her excitement over the implications of free electricity, Josephine avoided finding an explanation for why the specific pattern generates electricity, brushing Bina off when she asks for an explanation.

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