Throughout All Night Laundry the characters have been injured, and rather than hand-waving the injuries off and carrying on as normal, past injuries in All Night Laundry continue to have significant consequences in the story and don't go away without a significant amount of time, rest, and medical attention. In fact, most of the injuries are permanent.

This page is not caught up to the PTP! This lists when the injuries occured, and occasionally some pages that confirm how much damage was done. It does not contain every time the injuries affected the character's actions or when the injuries were treated.

Bina Edit

Unlight Arm Edit

Pierced twice through her forearm by botfly. [1]

  • "Her hand goes right through the bright shiny… things. They feel cold and hot at the same time! That's so neat. And sort of prickly. Like pins and needles. Sort of like she imagined lightning would feel like. If you could feel lightning without dying. Funny! She can't feel her hand anymore."

Heavy blood loss from the previous wound. [2]

  • "Stitches. That's what she needs. That and painkillers."

Unlight burst through the holes in her arm when Gregor activated the Naughts[3]

  • "It feels like someone pumped her arm full of jet-fuel, with an industrial pump, one of the big ones they use for hydraulics. Pumped it right up until it was nearly bursting, then pricked two tiny holes in it. And set them on fire."

Unlight bursts through her arm again, but also at the same time as before. Because time travel. [4]

  • "It feels like the wire is back in her hand and arm again, but this time it's white hot and someone's tied one end of it to a moving car. "

After unplugging the time machine in the hospital basement, it begins glowing straight through most bandages. [5] [6]

Results of Time Travel Edit

Headache and nose bleed from not seeing/seeing "corpse of a day" message on Josephine's office door. (After the retcon) [7][8]

  • "The feeling that parts of her life, however small, have shifted is fantastically unpleasant."


  • "That was it? After ALL THAT, that was i-"

Aphasia, inability to communicate, after seizure.[10]

  • "...the words that come out of her are a train wreck, random words smashed together into an incomprehensible mess."

Passed out and got a nose bleed due to returning from the Botfly Moment and meeting her future self [11]

  • "Aaargh, this is just great. Fantastic time to go unconscious past-me!"

Possible brain damage from breaking time in the smokestack [12]

  • "icy splinters of memory embed themselves in her mind. This place is getting less survivable."

Knees and Infection Edit

First knee injury. [13]

  • "She crashes to her knees, but her treacherous head stays locked on the thing. She hears her knees crack on the cobbles but she feels nothing."

Hard landing after jumping down from the collapsing laundromat, hurts her knees.[14]

  • "Bina remembers hitting the ground, and thinking, 'Well that's it knees, it was nice knowing you, and we've had some good times with the whole bending of legs thing, but I think you're probably done now. You did a good job. My internal organs thank you for your sacrifice.'"

Hits her knee, hard, on a drainpipe.[15]

Continued aggravation of her hip and knees while climbing into truck[16]

Walked into more knee high things[17]

  • "She's just going to have to -- walk right into something. Ow! OK. Ow. Shins. Very shins!"

Jumped into mud from stairs, further aggravating the knees[18]

Bangs knee on the ground while getting away from Horatio[19]

  • "She kicks out and finds the ground with a knee. That knee informs her that it is just about fed up with it's recent treatment and it is considering other job opportunities."

Knees infected after being left exposed in the mud, leading to fever [20]

  • "It turns out that a slurry of dirty rainwater, drainage runoff, sugar processing byproducts, decomposed beets, and partially cremated human remains, is really really bad to get in cuts. Who would have guessed?"

Knees almost buckle after a short drop [21]

Growing fever due to infection in knees, excessive sweating despite being in the cold factory [22] [23] [24]

Hits her knee on the edge of a hole in time, reopening the wounds [25][26]

  • Her knee is really singing now, and she can feel a trickle down her leg of blood or pus.

 Knees give out in the middle of saving Elizabeth [27]

Faints from fever [28]

Not a new injury to the knees, but we see the results of all the running around and banging up they got while saving Elizabeth [29]

Fever continues until Kendra gets her to the hospital, sweating stopped which means it was getting worse [30] [31]

Falls to her knees during panic attack at the hospital [32]

Hurts her butt and knees by not sticking a time travel landing [33]

Everything Else Edit

Falls and lands on her hip, after the hound grabs her.

  • "Bina hits the tiles, hard, her hip screams at her, shrill and insistent."[34]

Hits her head into the wall here[35], "hard enough to bring tears to her eyes," but I don't know if it should count. The narration is still going on about her hip.

Says here that her lower back hurts from when she got thrown against the wall in Josephine's office

Lands hard on her butt from time travel.[36]

Phone to the face and tooth knocked out.[37]

  • "Is that a tooth? Oh crap. Is that MY tooth?"

Thumb shoved into raw tooth-hole.[38]

  • "Bina can feel the scream. It seems to start in her guts and, like some frightened creature, to lurch up her throat toward her mouth, trying to escape."

Severe[39] Hypothermia[40]

  • "That's funny, Bina stopped shivering a while ago."

Sore Hands from dragging Kendra while hypothermic[41]

  • "Right - ow - ow! Careful with the hands! Hands are hurting! Ow!"


  • "She's in the manic, giddy, slightly blurred state of complete exhaustion at this point."

 Ribs broken, but not shattered, by heavy garage-style door dropping on her chest [43]

  • "The mud probably slowed the door a bit. She's not sure about the ribs. They might be broken"

Near drowning while pinned under mud by the door[44]

  • "The initial impact of the door on her chest knocked the air out of her, and now the door is parked their, an enormous weight on her sternum."

Bruising and cuts from when the door fell on her[45]

  • "She has some really nasty bruises starting to show up, and the bottom of the door has left two short parallel cuts on either side of the impact. They are still oozing blood."

Possible concussion, also from when the door fell on her [46]

  • "She might have a thingy. A whatsit. Hit her head. Concussion."

Stepped on a Hound tooth, which pierced deep into her foot [47] [48]

  • "On the plus side, Bina thinks, the intravenous painkillers she was taking earlier are apparently still working, which is super. Well done painkillers! On the minus side… … is that a tooth?"

Blood loss due to foot injury [49]

Kendra Edit

Hit in the head with a shovel (off panel)

Bruises from Gregor // im not sure, but i think he meant not to touch the glowing holes in bina's arm.

  • "The Russian guy was really INTENSE about me not touching them. Like, I have bruises, kind of intense."[50]

Time travel-induced brain trauma[51], leading to loss of balance. Mistaken for inner ear problem.[52]

  • "Going back in time and forgetting the hamper like that, it messed up my head, or my inner ear or something. I can't keep my balance. Can't even sit up properly."

Moderate[53] Hypothermia.[54]

  • "We're more sort of freezing to death, I think."

Face scratches[55][56]

  • "It's nothing! They're just scratches."

Headache from the Castillo/Edwards retcon [57]

Elizabeth Edit

Hit in the head with a shovel [58]

Blood loss from head wound [59]

Blinding headache, probably a concussion [60]

  • "Not literally blinding. Figuratively blinding!"

Nausea [61]

Shot by Gregor [62]

  • "Unfortunately for Elizabeth, unlike Bina, Gregor knows how to aim."

Details of the bullet wounds, including being full of mud from the factory [63]

Gregor Edit

Shot in the arm and torso by Elizabeth (while wearing a bullet proof vest so only the arm was penetrated) [64][65]

  • "In fact, she ends up doing it several times."

Tackled by Amie, who landed on the shot arm [66]

Kicked in the head and knocked out by Kendra [67]

Amie Edit

Amie has temporal shearing (cracks in time) in her hip due to carrying around Gregor's watch [68]

  • "She had it in her pocket. Temporal shearing. Damn girl, what the hell were you doing…"

Her hip is hurting while she runs around [69]

  • "her hip reminds her that it's totally fine. Completely OK. Working absolutely perfectly. 
    That's good, she's glad her hips doing OK. She just wishes it would stop announcing that so emphatically every time she moved…"

She hits a wall escaping a Naught, aggravating her hip [70]

  • "She hits the wall, hard, and her hip reminds her that really it's totally fine! Everything is great in the old hip-town. Just ducky!"

Gets very banged up going down the laundry shoot [71] resulting in more aggravation of the hip and many bruises [72]

  • "This is so much less painful on TV!"

Piotyr/The Hound Edit

Piotyr was pierced with something from the construction site, splitting her into what will become Bina's Piotyr and the Hound, then the one that becomes the Hound was run over by a truck, crushing her back legs [73]

  • "And then something happens. I am falling. But also, I am not falling."

Piotyr dies as a result of the above injuries [74]

  • "He strokes my fur, and I breathe in. He strokes my fur, and I breathe out. He strokes my fur, and I breathe in.  He strokes my fur, and I breathe out. He strokes my fur and I… And I…"

The Hound lost a tooth in the subway siding tunnel, possibly while fighting something [75]'

Everyone Else Edit

Mrs. Hyung and Mr. Petrovich were knocked out with the shovel and had wires put in their heads before the comic started [76] [77]

  • "Gregor hit him in head with shovel first. Like this - Pow! From behind. So he is not knowing it was Gregor until later."

Officer Castillo (after the retcon it's Edwards) is knocked over and winded by debris when The Hound retrieves Gregor [78] we later learn it resulted in spectacular bruises and some scrapes [79]

Four police officers at the Hospital killed by the Hound [80]

Three people killed in subway siding tunnel, presumably by the Hound [81]

References Edit

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