Gregor is a worker at 24h Laundromat who currently serves the Botfly. He has a close relationship with the Hound, as it is the reanimated body of his dog, Piotyr.

Bina had met Gregor in passing in previous visits to the laundromat. Previously he had always been seen with his dog.[1]

Biography Edit

Gregor has once served in the army during the war in Chechnya, working with dogs to mark landmines so that they can be disarmed.[2] While there, he meets a certain "bad man" who did an "unforgiveable thing" and would not stop. Gregor killed the man by moving one of the markers by 2 feet, causing the man to walk into a landmine. As a consequence he was put under military confinement.[3]

Later on, he would move to Canada to live with his Uncle Mr. Petrovich, working in the 24h laundromat. Shortly before Bina shows up at the Laundromat, his dog Piotyr dies from an accident at Ms. Hyung's construction site,[4] a traumatic event that drove him to kill one of the construction workers and descend into the depths of despair. Heart-broken and vulnerable, he was recruited by the "Green Lady" (almost certainly the Botfly), being convinced that she was an "angel", and begins to serve her by capturing people and bringing them to her.[5] His first victims were his uncle, Mr. Petrovich, whom he incapacitated with a shovel,[6] and Ms. Hyung.

Personality and Traits Edit

His native language is Russian, and his command of English is rather limited. He does not speak French.[7]

According to his Uncle, Gregor suffers from some kind of mental disorder.[8] There are hints that he suffers from PTSD.[9]

Relationships Edit

Communication with Botfly Edit

Gregor appears to be able to communicate with the Botfly, who tells him things that happen across different loops so that he can anticipate events happening and take advantage of them for his own ends.[10]

Initially, it was not clear whether Gregor was merely delusional,[11] but while building a chart of what previous incarnations of Bina have done, Amie and B13 found evidence that Gregor does in fact have access to information across loops. The evidence points to actual communication with the Botfly with language.[12]

References Edit

Gregor's first appearance.[13]

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  9. "... he wakes up at night and yells and does not know that I am there and that he is safe."
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