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Gregor's Watch, also known as the Dead Moment, is a pocket watch belonging to Gregor that contains a shard of time. Gregor appears to use it as a means of communication with the Green Lady,[1][2] though it is not absolutely certain.[3] It seems to have other functions as well.[3]

The Dead Moment Edit

B4 was the first to call it the "Dead Moment" or the "corpse of the Moment".[4] Amie acquired it in the hospital after helping to take down Gregor.[5][6] The Dead Moment is The Moment from the future,[7] after it has been completely exhausted and the instant of time inside it has collapsed into a singularity.[8] Modifications have been made to it.[9] So far, as of PTP 1878, it has not yet been revealed how exactly Gregor acquired it, and what is the nature of the modifications made to it. B4 suspects that it connects to the bottom of the entropic well, which may partially explain how he could use it to communicate with the Botfly.

References Edit

  3. 3.0 3.1 - Gregor says, apparently to the Green Lady, "That many? The watch, it will not - , implying that either the watch has additional functions besides communicating with the Botfly, or it is being used for a different, as-yet unrevealed purpose.
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