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"You know that thing in Men in Black that erases your memories?"
"This is not like that. At all. You should maybe not watch this, it's not… good… for people."


A strange green light with the power to mesmerize people. Sometimes called "unlight." Bina and Kendra believe that it originates from the Botfly. Bina has two wounds which emit it on her arm from when she was nearly captured by the Botfly and injured.[2] Bina's "spooky hand" has a strange effect on electronic devices.[3] Gregor's watch emits green light.[4] The Hound is also able to create green light at will from its mouth.[5]  Cracks in space-time are only visible when the light is shined on them. Time machines and the Moment need it to work. However, the release of unlight by someone INSIDE the Moment can have catastrophic consequences (needs reference).

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