"And the lanky guy is Emmanuel," Kendra continues. "He's my… uh…"
"We have gone on two dates, and now we are doing this together, so, shall we go with 'friend'?"[1]
Emmanuel is an anesthesiologist at Montreal Northern Hospital and Kendra's boyfriend.

He offered to join Team Bina because he thought he could help.[2]

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Emmie has spent a lot of time with Doctors Without Borders, and according to Kendra has lived in approximately eight different countries.[3]

When Kendra initially brings an unconscious Bina to the hospital, Emmie assumes she is a human trafficking victim.[4]

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Emmie is a very practical person.

Bina suspects he is a huge nerd,[5] at the very least he is knowledgeable of horror movie tropes.[6]

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While Emmie has seen The Botfly, he is not currently known to have recieved a Gift.

Perhaps he simply has no strong wish, he has said his life "is pretty great".[7]

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