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This page lists the chapters of All Night Laundry, with links to the first page of each.

Chapter Description First Page
1 In which we meet Bina, Gregor and the Hound, and Bina begins investigating strange occurrences at the 24h Laundromat. 2
2 In which Bina meets Piotr, Mr. Petrovich, Mrs. Hyung and Josephine, visits the offices of Astre Sucre and first hears about the experiment. 27
3 In which Bina escapes to the construction site, finds a body/doesn't find a body in Mrs. Hyung's office, is captured by Gregor, and wakes up handcuffed to Kendra. 111
4 [AKA "Chapter 5"] In which Bina and Kendra find themselves in tunnels beneath the laundromat, and Kendra kicks over a TV. 212
5 In which Bina returns to the laundromat at the same time earlier her is arriving at the laundromat, rescues Kendra and returns to the tunnels with her and a gift from B12. 256
6 [AKA Bina's Dream, Age 15] In which Bina dreams of birthday parties, summer camp and her first kiss, while the Hound pursues her. 291
7 In which Piotr dreams of the bad thing, and Bina wakes to make her way with Kendra to the base camp, where they meet Elizabeth. 343
8 In which Kendra and Bina run away from Naughts, Kendra builds a time machine, and Bina dreams of flying to Montreal but ends up having a long conversation with Josephine. 475
9 In which Kendra and Bina use the time machine to escape from Naughts, run into an earlier Bina, and lure the Hound into the floating-island void. 622
10 In which Kendra and Bina return to the tunnels, find and activate the Moment, repair the Viewers, and hatch an elaborate plan to save Elizabeth, ending in the spectacular total collapse of a local piece of space-time. 686
11 In which Elizabeth almost dies again, a time machine is built in Bina's apartment, and Amie tags along for the ride. 912
12 In which Bina, Kendra, Emmie, and Amie have adventures in the hospital involving blackouts, doctor-kidnapping Naughts, running around in dark basements, and a showdown with Gregor. 1000
13 In which Bina makes a phone call, the gang eat pizza, the hospital gets a big hole in the wall, and Gregor escapes. 1184
14 In which the gang travels back in time to fix paradoxes, a grand plan is conceived, Bina commits vandalism, Kendra buys pizza, a drone crashes into Mount Royal, and Bina writes a time-travelling subroutine in Javascript. 1263
15 In which Amie meets B4, has adventures in a spooky hotel, speaks to Gregor, and jumps down a laundry chute. 1588
16 In which Amie and B4 meet up with the rest of the gang, Amie makes a confession, and B4 displays her glowing, lime-green map. 1732
Dear Diary In which Bina writes about how she met 7 others of herself, and the awkwardness that ensued. 1849
17 In which Bina meets a paranoid and uncooperative B12, narrowly evades time-travelling Naughts, asks for a favor, and begins setting up for the Final Showdown. 1954
18 In which Bina and gang set the Botfly up the bomb, and all her base are belong to them. 2087
19 In which Bina catches up to Amie and things start to fall apart, but all's well that ends well! 2301

See also: Dreams

Dream Age Description Arm Cover First Page
B1 6 Bina and her parents travel to Hyderabad to visit Bina's Grandparents. Piotr and the Botfly's appearance in the dream is the first indication that it may be more than that. none 39
B2 11.5 Bina is in Hyderabad again with her parents and Uncle Moti. Her Gran died. Everybody is just sitting around feeling sad and she can't stand it, so she sneaks out but gets lost. Through dream-logic, she winds up at the laundromat, where she is found by B12 and talks to her briefly. The Botfly is called a botfly for the first time. white "glove thing"[1]; doesn't cover fingers 196
B3 15 Bina and Sam are at Lash's birthday party. Bina learns how to pick the locks of handcuffs. Sam tells the story of Bina's break-and-enter adventure in New Brunswick. The Hound invades the story and Lash's apartment. Bina escapes to a dream of her first kiss, but the Hound finds her again. She runs again, arriving at the laundromat, still with Lash. Lash suggests a plan that Bina loves. stretchy green glove 291
P1 2 Piotr is at the laundromat with Gregor (packleader). She escapes while he's taking out the trash. She runs to the construction site and digs up a skeleton. When a truck crushes the skeleton a shard of space-time impales her, and she finds herself both falling and not falling. Unfortunately the not-falling part is too distracted and confused to avoid the following tire. bandages 343
B4 19 Bina is traveling on a plane to Montreal after Laashya goes to Toronto for school. When Bina follows Piotyr to the cockpit, she emerges onto Josephine's airship where they have a discussion about Josephine's past.[2] Josephine then gives Bina her Grandmother's scarf before dying. fingerless hand-cover with rotating concentric green suns[3] 582
K1 30 "Kendra's dream is simple. In her dream she is anywhere, literally anywhere, other than here."[4] n/a 911
B5 undefined Laashya has come to Montreal to visit Bina. Bina is hot, tired and confused. Lash wants her to eat something -- a bowl of thick, gooey static. Bina refuses to eat, and they argue about their relationship. Bina goes out onto the balcony. There she realizes that it's not Lash she's been talking to. The light gets very bright and starts to hurt Bina's eyes. "Lash" tells her nobody has eyes anymore. drippy translucent green 993
B6 undefined Bina finds herself in a white expanse that gives way to an idyllic woodland. There she encounters Piotr and they explore together for a while. Eventually they encounter an elephant and mouse. The elephant stands on the mouse's back and then gestures Bina toward a door. Bina goes thru the door where she finds her Gran, who looks to be six years old and is riding a crayon-drawn T-Rex. Bina asks, and Gran graciously allows her to borrow the animal (who we later learn is named Buddy). grey sheath with green studs 2118