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Bina Miryala is a journalism student at McGill University in Montreal.[3] All Night Laundry is a chronicle of her fight against the Botfly.

Biography Edit

Around the age of 5, Bina got a serious ear infection that could have lead to permanent hearing loss.[4] She was allergic to the normal treatment (presumably a common antibiotic).

From a young age, Bina was afraid of monsters getting her in her sleep.

This page describes the many jobs her dad had after he emigrated from India to Canada, culminating in his current work as an architect. Bina's father was warm and supportive, and she still feels extremely close to him.

At age 8, Bina took a piece of construction equipment for a joyride, possibly causing a construction company to lose its insurance.[5]

At age 9, Bina attended summer camp, where she had a creepy adventure with her so-called friend Sam.

At age (?) Bina became romantically interested in her good friend Laashya.

People have been telling Bina how small she is since she was about two years old.[6] She is a little sensitive about it.

Bina's sport of choice as a kid was soccer,[7] though she was on the field hockey team in high school.[8]

Although she spent most of her life growing up in Canada, she often travelled to Hyderabad, India to visit her Grandmother and extended family (see: Bina's dreams 1 and 2).

Personality and Traits Edit

Bina has a serious anxiety disorder that, despite medication and therapy, results in frequent panic attacks that significantly disrupt her daily life.[9]

When her friends—or even complete strangers (Example: Elizabeth)—are in danger, no amount of fear will stop this bad-ass protagonist. At least this version of her, see cause there's been like at least thirteen versions of our girl. And each of 'em is numbered, like our girl is the thirteenth Bina so she gets called B13. An' she's the only Bina since B3 that might have a chance because B3 messed up and doomed all those other timelines by lookin' into the future. Also girl really needs to un-repress her sexuality if the fantasies of the earlier B's are anything to go by; maybe get back with her on-and-off girlfriend Laashya.

Bina is an Indian girl with long black hair and green eyes. A command early in the story suggested that she is left-handed.[10]

Bina weighs about a hundred pounds.[11] (Gregor "looks like he weighs three hundred pounds" and Bina's weight is "barely a third of that.")

Bina can be very snarky.[12]

Relationships Edit

Piotyr - Ghost soul of the Hound. Hangs with Bina in the moment now, and sometimes travels with her in her head.

Grandma - Bad ass investigative journalist in Hyderabad.

Grandfather - Newspaper man in Hyderabad. [13]

Kendra - Bestfriend that Bina just met this morning. Also gets the numbering treatment. So, this one is K13 and she's the first to live this long. So, good job Kendra.

Amie - Roommate. Way too into Doctor Who, to the point where her fandom warps reality.

Laashya - Childhood friend turned Ex-girlfriend/future girlfriend? It's complicated. Features prominently in Bina's dreams and fantasies.

Past and Possibly Future Binas - She's not as bad as Karkat but it's close. JK.

Father - Architect in Nova Scotia (or Montreal?), immigrated from Hyderabad before Bina was born. Was and remains a warm and loving parent.

Abilities Edit

Dat scarf, yo.

Kendra and Amie have speculated that Bina's "gift" from the Botfly is time travel.[14] This seems to originate with the green lighta.k.a. spooky time woo-woo—in her right arm. Seriously though, girl's a Time Lord, 'cause the Tardis ain't got nothin' on the Moment. (If you don't count the fact that the moment shrinks.) Unlike a Time Lord, however, Bina does not enjoy time travel.[15][16]

It's true that Kendra and Amie have speculated that time travel is Bina's Botfly "gift"; in fact, Amie has convinced herself that this is true. However, Amie is often very WRONG.

Another theory is that Bina got her Botfly gift the same way everyone else did--the very first time she saw the Botfly, and went into a trance-like state. The Botfly seems to "gift" you whatever it is that you want the most when it first "meets" you. What Bina wanted most in the world during her gift time, was to get those horrible freaking Botfly tentacles or wires (depends on when you're looking) OUT of her arm. She was having a tough time, and not really getting anywhere, but then she clearly realized she wanted them OUT, And out they came. Bina's unlight (aka green light or spooky time woo-woo) is NOT a gift. Bina hates time travel and time travel stories; she does not like Dr. Who, This was established very early in the comic. I suspect that the Botfly was doing something akin to planting a ""maggot" into Bina during the tentacle/wire episode. That's why Bina's arm radiates unlight. The Botfly did not want to grant Bina's wish and release her, but perhaps that is part of how the Botfly works. If you want hard enough, you get your wish. If Bina is implanted with a Botfly "maggot" of some kind, that would explain why the Botfly absolutely won't let Gregor kill her. It also explains the unlight in her arm. The Hound may also have a maggot in it, which is why it can create unlight at will. The Hound keeps growing bigger and bigger through the story; perhaps the maggot inside is getting the right nourishment, whereas fortunately, Bina's maggot isn't, so Bina maintains her size.

Here's another theory as to why Bina hasn't grown in size (unlike Piotyr) even though she may be implanted with a Botfly maggot: Recall that dream where the Botfly pretended to be Lash, and tried very hard to make Bina eat a bowl of icky, thick, viscous static? Bina refused. But the Hound probably has been eating all the static the Botfly gives it. To summarize: maybe that icky static liquid is a form of nutrition that the Botfly maggots need to grow and develop.

<ref>"In which Bina sticks a spoon in it" <></ref>16

Also, she is strangely good at combat despite never having been trained; possibly indicating that B13's archetype is that of the warrior.

Despite her size, Bina takes after her gutsy Indian Grandmother, for example by joy-riding construction equipment in her pre-teens.

Bina can pick handcuff locks.

She speaks English, Canadian French, and Telugu, although less fluently in recent years.[17]

She has extraordinary physical resilience, powering through a dozen or so injuries that would be incapacitating for some people.

Despite her sarcastic demeanor, Bina is protective of friends and strangers alike. Her driving motivation through this adventure is not "I will survive and get home to my family and Lash." Rather, it is "This time, Everybody Lives!"

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