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Bina's Journals are a series of books written by the many iterations of Bina. They contain many details on her fight against the Botfly, as well as more than a few of Bina's sexual fantasies.

The List Edit

The list of things that the previous Binas have tried.[1]

0160 b

B1 - No information
B2 - No information

B3 - No information
B4 - Not much information. Appears to have been trying to map all time travel events that take place during the 17th of July. 
B5 - Empty Loop?
B6 - Created a 'temporal slingshot' and tried to escape the Entropic Well by brute force.
B7 - Tried to destroy the Other Moment with some kind of bomb.
B8 - First to run into the Naughts. Built a device to try to fight them.
B9 - Tried to kidnap Gregor. 
B10 - Attempted to use stored paradox to erase the Botfly from existence.
B11 - Used some of B10's technology to try to prevent the Naughts from forming

B12 - Tried to speak to B5.

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