We don't know her name, so maybe the title of this page should change. Maybe her last name was Miryala but I assume that name comes from Bina's father's side. I don't know how naming conventions work outside the anglosphere.

Bina's maternal grandmother.[1]

She died when Bina was 11 and a half. She was cremated.[2]

She was a journalist in Hyderabad.[3] She inspired Bina to pursue journalism in college. She also taught her how to curse in five languages, flirted with cab drivers, smoked cigars, and cheated at cards.[4]

She appears in Bina's first dream at age 6[5], and gives her the scarf, which Bina keeps even after she wakes up.[6]. In the same dream (memory?) she teaches Bina that monsters are real, and therefore can be fought. According to the grandmother, claiming monsters aren't real both reinforces one's fear and prevents one from recognizing when to fight.

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