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This article is about a Bina from a previous loop and is not to be confused with B13, who is the main protagonist of All Night Laundry. Binas from other loops can be found below:

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"B6 - Created a 'temporal slingshot' and tried to escape the Entropic Well by brute force."

―B13's Notes[1]

B6 is the sixth iteration of Bina Miryala due to the looping timeline of July 17, 2013. Like all other Binas, her Gift is Time Travel.

Loop Six[]

Within The Moment, she lives in The Montréal Botanical Garden because the plants help her think.[2]

B6's approach to the extended isolation was to "go the other way" from B4's "Zen" approach. She focused a lot of research on time travel and time machines, though didn't discover much of anything 3 or 4 hadn't.

Six had a hypothesis that the loop was the effect of a chunk of "debris" from July 17, 2013 chipping away from the timeline and smacking against it on its way down "to nothingness."[3] Her work on the temporal slingshot was related to this theory, and its intended function was to toss the user back onto the main timeline. She didn't have all of the information required to use it, however, and waited out her loop for another Bina to send her the math she needed.

The Blackout[]

Upon the Loop 13 Team's arrival to Loop 6, B13 and B6 go into B6's Moment to exchange info. It was mostly one-sided as B6 was extremely exuberant and infodumped everything she knew on B13.

Piotyr followed B13 into this Moment, though it's unclear how when she wasn't present in B4's Moment.

B6 explained that to launch the temporal slingshot you would need "solid ground" which is inferred to be Loop 5, as it has little to no temporal fracturing. She also explained that inter-timeline communication via dream is as simple as the two Binas sleeping simultaneously.[4]