This article is about a Bina from a previous loop and is not to be confused with B13, who is the main protagonist of All Night Laundry. Binas from other loops can be found below:

B3 | B4 | B5 | B6 | B7 | B8 | B9 | B10 | B11 | B12 | B13

All except Five, who ... we’re not really sure what happened to Five.

Bina Miryala (B13)[1]

B5 is the fifth known iteration of Bina Miryala. She is the only version of Bina that did not go through any of the events that the other loops did. According to the messages on the office wall, in B5’s loop, Piotyr was killed in a car accident on the 14th of July[2], rather than being hit by a truck in the construction site, an event that appears to be an important catalyst for the adventure, and which forced the loop to be reset immediately. Her loop is referred to as "empty" on the list.[3]

B3's Involvement Edit

B12 suspected that B3 was the one that directly acted to destroy B5's loop.[4]

B5’s Loop Edit

When B13 talked to B4 about her traveling to B5’s loop, she said that not only was she able to make the jump but that everything seemed normal. B13 then also traveled to B13’s loop at 3:30pm on July 16th and found that it is not ”empty” or forced to reset on July 14th, as B6 through B12 assumed it was. There were notable differences, however, such as the construction site being functional with no hole to the factory.[5] The office is also in a different, off-site location, although the message on the wall is still apparently on that same wall.

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