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Of course I'm her. But it would be more accurate to say that she is me.


B3 is the first iteration of Bina that B13 knows of. B3 is not certain that she is in the third loop, but she does know that she is not the first. She thinks there may have been several loops before hers, but she decided on B3 since it is "no more or less wrong than any other number."[1]

Biography Edit

B3's life is identical to B13's up until she enters the laundromat on the 17th of July, 2013. It is unclear at what point the differences begin, but Josephine states that when Bina enters her office after being injured by the Botfly, an event that occurs early on in the story, all the iterations of her are very similar still. She does state that B13 may have been the one to eat her husband's tangerine, which does not usually happen, implying that there are subtle differences between the versions already.

In B3's loop, Bina becomes a physicist and engineer. She tries to use physics to understand the nature of time-travel and the Botfly. As part of this effort, she creates the moment and the viewers, which are used by all the following loops.

Little is known about the events that occur in B3's timeline. At some point she drives a truck through a crack in space-time. It is also possible that she is the voice that Bina hears in her dream at age 15 that identifies herself as "the fourth" (presumably because she does not know how many loops came before her and had not yet decided on calling herself B3) in the factory, but this has been neither confirmed nor denied in canon. In B12's journal, B12 says that B3 spent at least a year in relative time inside the moment for some unknown reason.[2]

Dooming Future Loops Edit

B3 used the viewers that she created to look at future loops. According to Josephine's note that B13 finds, this causes the events to "lock", guaranteeing that everything she sees will happen. B3, who did not see the note until she looked into B13's loop, takes this as a sign that she has doomed not only herself, but B4-B12, to failure and death.

It is assumed that this realization took a significant toll on B3's mental health.

She stopped watching B13's loop as soon as she saw the note, so she does not know what happens in B13's loop, and has not guaranteed her failure or necessitated a B14. She also extremely limited her viewers so that B4-B12 could not repeat her mistake.

Controversy Over B5 Edit

I am writing this journal for my successor because recent events have convinced me that B3 has, systematically and repeatedly, been leading us to our death.

—B12's Journal

B12 suspected that B3 was lying to the rest of the iterations. B12 believed that B3 had sabotaged the viewers, which B3 later confirmed to be true when she spoke with B13.

One of B12's biggest arguments for B3's deception was the fate of B5. According to an essay that B6 found in the moment titled "Probabilistic Uncertainty of Entropic Time-Loops," B5's disappearance was caused by entropy. In B5's loop, Piotyr was killed in a car accident on the 14th of July, rather than being hit by the truck in the construction site like she is in all the other loops. According to the PUOEL essay, this caused too much stress on that timeline, and forced it to be reset immediately (presumably before B5 ever made it to the laundromat on the 17th). B12, however, states that if entropy is what caused B5's loop to be unsurvivable, then there was only a 0.00086% chance that B12's loop would have been survivable. B12 believes that B3 entered B5's loop on the 14th and caused Piotyr's death herself, because B5 found out something she shouldn't have.[2]

B3's level of involvement in B5's fate is still unknown. B3 did confirm that she lied through omission to all of the other Binas, and that, because she used the viewers to look in future loops, she did at the very least indirectly seal their fates. But it is not clear if she acted directly to destroy B5's loop as B12 suggests, or if she merely fated it to happen when she saw it through the viewers.

Later on, B13 travelled to B5's loop,[3] and found that while it was a lot different from the other loops, there was no evidence that the loop was immediately reset, as previously thought. It is still unclear (as of PTP 1878) whether B3 had any direct involvement in this drastic difference, and/or what exactly she did.

Personality Edit

B3 originally appears far more crass and jaded to her situation than B13. Kendra calls her cold when she admits to "holding herself hostage."[4] She seems to have a very pragmatic view about the consequences her actions with the viewer have caused.

However, when B13 asks her what she really wants, she breaks down. She is clearly affected by the fact that she is doomed to fail, and will never see her family or girlfriend again. Like all of the other Binas (except B13), B3 has experienced this ordeal alone.  

References Edit

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