This article is about a Bina from a previous loop and is not to be confused with B13, who is the main protagonist of All Night Laundry. Binas from other loops can be found below: B3 | B4 | B5 | B6 | B7 | B8 | B9 | B10 | B11 | B12 | B13
We were the same person until a little while ago. Now we're sort of different people. It's complicated.


B12 is the twelfth iteration of Bina Miryala due to the looping timeline of July 17, 2013. Like all other Binas, her Gift is Time Travel. B12 immediately preceded our Bina, and has helped her more directly than any other Bina from any other loop, due to the "one forward and one back" nature of the Viewers in the Moment.
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