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A strange beet sugar factory that exists in an unusual cavern under the 24h Laundromat and construction site. Its name is French for “Star Sugar.”[1]



The factory was managed by Josephine Dubois and her husband, Jean-Francois, in Montreal, 1911. It did not start out located under the construction zone, but was moved there sometime soon before July 17th, 2013, by unknown means.[2]

On July 17th, 1911, Josephine conducted an experiment in the loading courtyard of the factory. The experiment was to prove that she had discovered a way to create electricity from people’s sight. 51 volunteers from the workers at the factory were present and part of the experiment[3], in which they would look at a carved symbol on a silver-coated clay tile through small parallel slits[4], which would create forty watts[5], enough to power a lightbulb. Jean-Francois had the idea to make the event more of a spectacle by purchasing a green gel from a theater to make the lightbulb emit a green glow.[3]

The experiment went horribly wrong, and was later confirmed to have all been a trick by the Botfly. The entire factory, all the workers, and everyone associated with it, were erased from history and supposedly consumed by the Botfly, or used in some way for consumption.


There is no record of it having ever existed until the ceiling of the cavern caved in, and the Department of Phenomenological Investigation and Research (DPIR) was brought in to investigate. They found records inside the factory that show orders from other companies that existed in the early twentieth century, but they were unable to find proof that anyone in the Montreal area even grew sugar beets.[6]


Map of the underground factory, created by the DPIR.

The factory in 2013 is located in a large underground cavern that has geometric walls and ceiling. The area it takes up is huge, much larger than a normal factory should be. Parts of it are copies of itself, with near identical buildings scattered around it, such as the same gas station that Kendra and Bina run into twice.

The buildings are all decayed and damaged. Some of them are completely crumbled, while some have stayed structurally sound enough to enter and climb on.

A distance shot of one of the edges of the factory, where Bina first enters.

The entire area is covered in thick mud, which smells “faintly sweet” and a bit like “wood-smoke or burned meat,”[7] but this only seems to be the case in B13’s loop, and also a recent development. B12 warned B13 that the factory would be extremely dusty, and told her to grab a gas mask to help her breathe better. The agents from the DPIR also had gas masks and hazmat suits, presumable to filter out dust.

Bina and Kendra theorized that the mud was caused by Kendra, who created cracks in time-space in the factory when she went back in time by touching a TV, which were made worse by Kendra and Bina’s repeated use of that area and time during time-travel. The cracks, which appear both forward and backwards in time from their point of origin, made the air cold, which caused condensation to form on the ceiling of the factory. The condensation then “rained” and mixed with the dust to create mud.[8]