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All Night Laundry is an interactive horror webcomic about time travel, dreams, and the problems with identifying monsters.[1] It follows the story of Bina Miryala, a journalism student at McGill University in Montreal. One night in June she went to a laundromat and rather than cleaning the clothes she needed for class the following morning, she landed right the middle of a supernatural mystery. All Night Laundry is written and drawn by Zach Hall. It was created on the MSPA forums in May of 2013 and it has updated daily ever since.

Plot Synopsis (work in progress as I re-read the comic) Edit

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The story of All Night Laundray begins on July 17th, 2013 [2], at exactly 2:00 am. [3] Bina finds that the lights are off, save for a mysterious flickering light, despite this laundromat being open 24/7. Finding the doors to be unlocked, she goes inside. She abruptly encounters Gregor, who says that he is the only one there. After she loads her laundry, Gregor leaves and warns her not to enter the employees-only places. Bina considers taking a nap on the laundromat's uncomfortable plastic chairs, then decides to get something from the vending machine. On the way she turns off the television.[4]

She finds a tooth on the floor.[5] Spooked, she begins to notice a noise coming from one of the laundry machines, and that the machine is leaking a black liquid.[6] An arm of sorts comes out and tries to grab her, but retreats. The hound then fully emerges from the washing machine and transports Bina to the sugar factory moment. Bina lands and finds a beagle in her lap. There with her is a blurry object that resembles the television from the laundromat when looked at directly, with a power cable leading to a couch. The power cable is plugged in to the heads of Mrs Hyung and Mr. Petrovich. Mrs. Hyung introduces herself, Piotyr and Mr. Petrovich to Bina.

Bina looks directly at the botfly (in TV form) for the first time. Entranced, she is helpless as a whisp of green light stabs her through the arm.[7] She manages to break free of the trance, and promptly passes out.

Bina has a dream where her grandmother tells her how to prepare for monsters. She tells Bina not to second guess herself, and gives her The Scarf. Bina regains consciousness, and pulls the cable out of her arm, suffering signifigant blood loss in the process. After a few moments' rest, Bina begisn to explore the place. She notices that Piotyr has found some sort of present - a sugar beet. She contemplates eating it to help replenish her blood loss. Further exploration finds a massive pile of beets. Eventually Bina finds the door to Josephine's office unlocked, and goes inside. This is the first timeline split/retcon.

Exploring the office, Bina finds a tangerine. She is interrupted by Josephine, who assumes that Bina is a worker and that she has hurt herself in the factory. Josephine is annoyed at the interruption but cleans and bandages Bina's wounds. Josephine mentions that Bina is "naked" (by thestandards of the time) and realizes Bina isn't who she had assumed. Bina introduces herself properly, and mentions time travel. Josephine explains that there is no way her experiment could involve time travel, and that it merely turns on a light bulb. Bina realizes that her presence has caused some amount of paradox by delaying Josephine's experiment, and is violently sucked back into her previous location in the botfly's moment.

Back in the corpse of a day, Bina finds a fragment of her scarf hidden in a punched-out hole in a calendar. She also finds a brief message warning her not to cross her own history, along with a formula she doesn't understand. The laundromat owner yells at her that Gregor is coming back and that she should get moving. Bina contemplates how to escape, and decides that the best way out is to go up. She throws her grandmother's scarf upwards and, impossibly, hooks onto a tiny dot in the sky.

Bina wakes up in the laundromat. Gregor returns, locks the door, and initially seems to mistake Bina for an ally. Then Kendra, locked in the basement, begins making a lot of nose. Gregor goes to argue with her, despite and Bina takes the opportunity to escape out the fire door in the back. As she leaves, she yells to Kendra to stay alive and that she is going to get the police. The alley leads to the construction site, and Bina hides. Gregor follows and stops to examine the body of the Hound.

Bina hoofs it to Mrs Hyung's office, and finds a body. Bina forces herself to ignore it initially and instead tries to get into Mrs. Hyung's computer. She discovers that her spooky arm distorts the screen like a magnet. The room begins to fill with black static, and Bina contemplates running away. She decides to stay and learn rather than run, and touches the corpse on the arm. There is a flash of green light, which gregor observes from outside, as Bina is sent back in time about 10 hours. Bina observes Mrs. Hyung arguing with a government official and decides to leave a message, warning about gregor. She uncovers a message from her past selves, warning her about an impending seizure, and two envelopes. One envelope is hidden on her person and the other contains a syringe of phenytoin (spelling?). Atter a few attempts, she injects herself with some anti-seizure medicine, just before being forced back to the present. She has a seizure.

(in the retcon timeline she passes out, B12(?) shows up and carves a message into the wall)

Bina wakes up in the basement, handcuffed to Kendra, with the roof about to cave in on her. She discovers that she is unable to speak. Bina and Kendra try to break the cuffs, but are unable. Bina remembers the envelope and finds apaperclip and a message telling her to remember "the party." Bina uses the paperclip to pick the handcuffs as the Hound comes charging downstairs. The two escape into a hole leading to the factory just as the building falls down around them.

Bina has another dream. 11 and a half year old Bina is lost in Hyderabad following the death of her Grandmother. She finds a school, but it is closed. As it's getting dark, a man points her in the direction of a currency exchange. She gets there, but it is the laundromat instead. B12 appears, and tells Bina that she needs to wake up soon. Bina asks B12 what the meaning of "What kind of maggot grows in the corpse of a day?" is but B12 had never seen that message before. Bina goes inside the laundromat and wakes up.

Bina wakes up among the rubble of the laundromat. It's dark, so she has to use her spooky arm as a light source. She warns Kendra not to look but she seems to get exposed to it briefly. Bina picks her way through the rubble and finds Kendra. They walk down a long tunnel away from the rubble as Bina explains what she's seen and done thus far. They come across the TV from the laundromat, which is emitting static and time particles. Kendra kicks it over and gets zapped back in time. Bina looks about for a weapon, andfinds the main factory. She grabs a brick and returns to the TV, smashes a hole in time, and jumps through.

Bina lands back in the laundromat, shortly before her original arrival. She looks around for Kendra and gets hit in the face with a phone, knocking out a tooth which past-Bina finds. A dazed Bina is dragged by Kendra into the back room in order to avoid Gregor. They hear the sounds of the Hound attacking Bina and quickly look for a way to return to their previous temporal location. Searching the room, they rearrange everything so it looks the way it did when past-Kendra saw it, and in the process they find a backpack full of supplies from B12. They are abruptly sent back to their primary temporal location, and Bina begins to celebrate - but Kendra experiences a paradox headache and nearly passes out.

Bina tries to help Kendra walk down the tunnel to get out of the mud so they can rest. Bina trips and falls into the mud, and struggles to get a now-unconscious Kendra out. An exhausted Bina is forced to drag Kendra some 30 meters through the mud to a large concrete slab. They barely make it, and Bina passes out for an undetermined period of time.

Kendra wakes up Bina and they are both too tired and woozy to realize they are approaching serious hypothermia - Bina especially. They open the supplies from B12 and find a space blanket and some heating packs. The two bundle up against the cold and Bina gets some proper sleep.

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