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• 10/28/2017

Main Character Article Headings

Okay, so from a combination of skimming other wikis and pulling entirely from my ass, I've come up with headings I think could work. Comments/Suggestions/Don't like it? Fight me! ... here.
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• 10/28/2017
Currently I'm formatting character articles like this:
- short introductory blurb
History - anything we know about them that happened before the start of the story
Appearance - I'm not super sold on this, but several of the articles already included this info. Might as well have a place for it.
Personality - probably the best descriptive tab imo
Plot Overview - highly summarized overview of their role in the story
Gift (maybe Powers and Abilities for some characters?) - I think an in depth discussion of each character's powers fits best onto each character page, due to the personal (and twisted) nature of each.
Trivia - misc and stuff that isn't really important, but still is cool.

So... at least for the main cast (Bina, Kendra, Elizabeth, Amie, Emmie and Gregor) I'd like them to all have a similar structure. That being said, I'm not married to any particular order, whatever, so feel free to throw out suggestoins>
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