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• 10/24/2017

Character Infoboxes

Don't like the changes? Want to make suggestions? Take it up here!
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• 10/24/2017
Okay so the old infoboxes had:
Name, First Seen, Aliases, Relatives, Affiliation, Age, Status (alive/dead), Gender, Eye Color, Species.

Doktor Electrogeist helped me figure out how to change them, I went ahead and removed Relatives, Eye Color and he removed Species because it was just trolling. Good news is this doesn't remove any info from the pages, it just won't display if it's removed from the template.

Going to add Gifts for now, and say we should use the Affiliation (could use a better name, maybe?) to denote Team Green/Team Bina because I think that's decently useful information.

As I said in the other thread, I feel weird unilaterally making changes so opening a discussion here for anyone interested.

• 10/24/2017
For affiliation, I like Team Green and Team Bina. I also suggest XFiles, Hospital, Astra Sucre, Police, and Bystander (or None, I guess). Some characters might have multiple affiliations. I think Team Bina is limited (at PTP) to Bina, Kendra, Amie, and Emmie. I don't think B4 should be included.

I'd make these changes (and may, yet), but I'm working on the chapter summaries and that involves a re-read of the chapters while taking notes.... I'd like to have longer descriptions of the chapters to link to, and maybe even a page-by-page section (tho' that'll be a lot of work).
• 10/25/2017
Hmm I guess B4 hasn't teamed up with anyone yet. Jumped the gun there. :P I like the other suggestions as well.

Chapter summaries are a bit more work than I wanted to take on, but then I realize how much hopping around I'd have to do to get the character pages how I'd like them, haha.
• 10/28/2017
Hey, the character infobox has disappeared from the infobox dropdown? And the visual editor doesnt include any of the new info slots, or "first seen". Not sure if that one is something new or not, I haven't made a character in a while.
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