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• 10/23/2017

Some thoughts/questions

Messed with a page, here's some rando thoughts/questions that'd help me help with this wiki! ^^
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• 10/23/2017
I messed with the B4 page, seeing what was possible, easily done, etc. Thoughts:

Big Things:

- Who all is working on this? I'd much rather collaborate than run roughshod over something in progress.

- Spoiler Boxes. I've seen some wikis have a box that goes "This is a spoiler, only unhide if you're okay with that" and I'd love the ability to do the same here (though some pages might just count as pure spoilers and would get a header instead). I looked at some guides and saw a "collapsible wikitable" but I couldn't get it to collapse. There was implication something might need to be enabled, it could/should become a template and it's all a bit outside of my wheelhouse. ):

- Templates in general. Can I edit them, where do I do it, what changes should be made?

- Gifts. I'd like to make a page about "gifts" (Amie's Who Effect, etc), maybe add it to the character infobox. I'D LIKE TO THEORIZE A LOT ABOUT GIFTS AND I HAVE NO PLACE TO DO IT UGHHH THIS IS THE WORST THING D:

Small questions:

- can anyone locate the author text on this page ( )? I had assumed it was when Kendra was talking to Gregor in the lift, but I couldn't find it.

- Similarly, where'd eye color info come from? I flipped through most of the images and they're usually just colored black... Or is Bina's eye color listed green just jokes because unlight? >__>

- Similarly, is the 'species' field in the infobox for trolling or no? Most of the humans are just 'human', but bina is species 'mouse-girl' and Kendra's species is 'Canadian'. I'll conform to either, but we should pick one. (Alternatively, if I figure templates out I could just remove it, pretty much everyone is human or 'hell if I know").

- I'd like to head most pages with quotes from the story (maybe just because I enjoy Zach's writing so much). For example look at the B4 page I fiddled with, or consider something like this for the Botfly's page: "I can't draw what it really looks like 'cause it keeps changing. So I drew a botfly. That's not right either, but its less wrong then other things." - Bina, age 11 1/2. Any objections?

- We... we should probably make pages for B5-B12 cause we'll be meeting at least *some* of them.
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• 10/24/2017
Hey so I don't really edit much at all but I did start the wiki so I guess I'm qualified to answer? I guess take all this with a grain of salt.

- No idea who's working on a page, but I think it should be OK to start editing, I don't think anybody plans edits in a way that you would ruin anything.

- Spoiler boxes: I'm eh on the idea. What even is a spoiler? Is the existence of a page called 'Time Travel' a spoiler? Is it a spoiler that Bina encounters a giant undog at the beginning? Where in the story do spoilers start? I think the fact that the entire story is readable for free all at once means that there's not much of a reason to mark spoilers. Like there's nothing stopping anybody from being caught up, besides consumption time, unlike in tv shows or movies etc.

- No idea on templates, haven't tried fiddling with them, but someone else might know better.

- Any page ideas you have feel free to add (After seeing if it already exists). Wikis work on collaboration and the idea that anybody can edit.

- No idea about the author text, or eye color. Species is definitely a holdover from the templates, I don't think it would hurt to remove, but I'd say go with the serious if we have to pick. Don't want to confuse people.

- Quotes heading is a fantastic idea, go for it! (And include citations to pages if you can!)
• 10/24/2017
Agree that less trolling is probably better. Though if it's just one place then it can be contained, but then it's a barrier to entry and... okay probably not.

So back to wondering about templates, ahaha.

Something for a not currently going to sleep Nate to worry about. :P
• 10/24/2017
To edit the template, you need to go to the template's page. Probably the easiest way to do that is to edit a page with the template in it (such as the B4 page). Click on the bit of the page that's produced by the template (near the top is best). A little box appears with the name of the template. Clicking the little box brings up a big box with all the fields. At the bottom of that big box is a link "Get info about the ... template", which you can click to take you to the template page.

Come to think of it, you probably just want to bookmark the template page once you get to it, because that doesn't really look all that easy now I review it :-)

On the template page click the edit button. You're going to be editing "mark up" instead of plain text, but maybe you're familiar with that?

I went ahead and removed the species line from the template's output. NOTE: the species information is still available in the pages that included it; it's just not being printed any more. I can put it back if people want (or you can just undo my contribution from the history page).

Hope that helps!
• 10/24/2017
The text for Languages can be found on post 243 of ANL. The reference was in the page, but was accidentally placed below the spot where the references are printed, so it didn't get included. (There was an error message.) I've moved the reference so it appears now.
• 10/24/2017
Hah! Glad I'm not the only one who feels kinda weird removing things from the sidebar. Like... we could probably get one that makes a little more sense from a series perspective going. Like... scratch relatives, there's not many family members mentioned (at least by name, we know Bina's dad was an architect and Kendra's parents did helicopter stuff), eye color is a mystery given the art style. You know what I'll start a discussion just for that! :P

Neat you found the quote, thanks! (Yeah I was kinda surprised how references worked entirely different than I expected them to, but it makes sense from a 'not jumping down to the bottom to add them each time' perspective).
• 10/24/2017
Yeah, I think it's totally fine to edit whatever, that's pretty standard for wikis, and we don't have mods or anything. I'd just comment if I see anything that seems inaccurate or not ordered well or whatever, and I've seen other people doing that too. It seems to be working ... eh? So far. The wiki does go through long periods of inactivity, and I deliberately decided to limit how much I work on it since I, too, didn't want to steamroll through it and wanted other people to expand/create themselves?

Re: spoiler boxes, I was thinking about these a while ago, but since I can only work on this on my phone I couldn't figure out a good way to work on the templates. I think they're a good idea, but not like, specific lines being hid, more like an alert at the top of a page. Maybe even something like "This page contains spoilers up to page XXXX" so people can get an idea when to check back? But that might be even more spoilery on obvious pages like time travel or B3.

Also, in that same vein, maybe some "speculation" or "fan-theory" boxes? Some pages have a lot of theory stuff that hasn't been confirmed or denied by canon yet, so an easy visual box to alert people to that sort of stuff might be cool.
• 10/24/2017
Most of the special coding for Disqus goes like <code to start alter text>Text you want to alter</end code>
Make sure to get the /inside of the bracket to end the special effect
Some of the codes I use most often are i-italics, b=bold, spoiler

Imbedding a link under some text is quite a bit different & it changes the color of the describing text to indicate that it's covering a link.
<a href=URL Address to Link>text describing link</a>

I think an appropriate quote from Bina that pretty much covers the whole comic; I recall B13 say it once or twice & even B3 said it once:
"God, I hate time travel."
• 10/25/2017
... I need to work that quote in.

And hi Xooxu! I wasn't sure if you were still active or not, glad to see you're around. Totally agree on not wanting to become too obsessed with the wiki, but also not having to scrounge around to confirm/deny my own fan theories would be nice.

I'm sure there's a way to add those warning boxes at the top, I might give that a shot next time I have some free time. :P
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